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Thea Ford
“With a voice that evokes Dolores O' Riordan of the Cranberries … a class
ic-looking pop star with curly blond locks and slinky onstage moves, Ford is an
unusual marriage of political musings with a solid pop sensibility.”
in the – live review, October 2009
Full of life and passion London-based singer/songwriter Thea Ford comes to the stage with music to move both your feet and your soul. With haunting vocals,
grabbing lyrics and limitless energy, she’s hitting the London gig scene
with performance after performance that leaves the crowd exhilarated.
In her independently released debut album, ‘
Monkey to the West’, Ford takes listeners on a journey through her heart and mind. Intently focused on delivering a story with each song her lyrics reach out to all ages, covering issues from the usual love story (Your Eyes, My World) to facing child bullies (Dear Bully) and dealing with seeing her partner off to Afghanistan in 2008 (One Day Soon). Originally from Cambridge Ford started out in music at the age of four, playing the piano and recorder in the school orchestra and by the age of seven, having already written her first song, knew that music was in her bones to stay. Throughout her teenage years, whilst happily distracted with bars and boys, the focus was more on listening and living than playing and when she finally returned to writing in 2003 the two culminated in song after song from the heart. Particularly apparent in Ford’s musical style today is the influence of strong female musicians such as Alanis Morissette, Jewel and Sheryl Crow who were never far from the CD player. Determined to record the album Ford spent the past 2 years studying and working a demanding 9-5 by day to fund rehearsal and studio sessions with her band by night. Finally, following the album's completion this summer Ford has left the corporate world to manage the band full-time and follow every opportunity possible to get the music heard by new audiences around the globe. On stage, backed by her impressive band, Ford shines, breathing life into the audience. Currently playing a host of venues across London to promote the album, the tour is planned to extend across the rest of the UK in early 2010.

The Anydays
Oozing retro cool, Oxford trio The Anydays deliver a mix of Carnaby Street vibes and West Coast sunshine. Influenced by American greats The Byrds, Beach Boys and Love, Drew, Niall and Cal’s debut album 'Collector' is out now on 208 Records.
It features the new single 'Free' as well as their breakthrough track 'Tambourine', a great piece of sunshine harmony pop that has already received airplay on Radio 2's Radcliffe and Maconie show. Formed in 2006, The Anydays have toured the UK and Europe - and supported the likes of the 1990s, Alphabeat and Vincent Vincent and the Villians. Catch them while you can.
The August List
The August List are a man called Martin and a woman named Kerraleigh. They began making music together in early 2009 after a mutual love of all things American, rootsy, folksy and bluesy overspilled and caused them to start writing lyrics, tunes and melodies of the finest kind. After naming themselves after a Willard Grant Conspiracy song they took flight to various folk clubs and open mics to hone their musical muse and entertain a crowd.
Having found support on local radio they have gone on to play numerous gigs, live radio sets, record songs and participate in local music festivals. 2010 has seen them play at the Riley Park Music Festival (Bucks) for the second year running and joining up with Far Corner Promotions to play gigs at the HobFest in Maidenhead, the Mixdown at Norden Farm and local venues such as The Rose and The Nags Head.
The Big River Band
The Black Dogz
“The Diamond were totally taken by surprise when The Black Dogz took to the stage. This Led Zep tribute were amazing and generated an awesome sound. Even hard Zep fans were mesmerised by their performance. Not only did they deliver the music and vocals to a stunning accuracy but also played some of the well known tracks that other tributes wouldn’t dare attempt. If you have not booked The Black Dogz yet, do it now.” Gary C The Diamond

The Black Dogz play the songs of one of the greatest bands from the classic era of rock music – Led Zeppelin. Not only do we perform the songs Led Zeppelin played all over the world, we also cover songs the legendary band never got around to playing live, delivering a live Led Zeppelin experience unmatched by any other tribute band.

The Black Dogz are all professional musicians. They are:
Andrew Walker – Vocals Andrew has a great voice – loud and elastic and beautiful. He has moved around the cool music scene for two decades fronting various avant garde musical projects in USA and Europe – amusing, seducing, delighting and always entertaining. Now having made his mark he wants to have some fun playing challenging music with great musicians in The Black Dogz.

Jamie Howell – Guitar From the age of 13 Jamie Howell learnt his guitar craft from the riffs of Page, Hendrix, May and Young, before being turned on to other music by Vernon Reid and Living Colour. Finding himself with a growing interest in Jazz he left the pub rock stages of his native Isle of Wight and headed for Leeds where he studied Jazz at the internationally renowned music college. A move to Budapest, Hungary, after college saw him expanding his musical horizons to include writing in original rock bands and experimental trip-hop. Now back on UK soil he divides his energy between many musical projects from small Jazz combos to rock bands and solo classical guitar. He is very excited about returning to his roots to play the music of Led Zeppelin – one of the major inspirations for him taking up the guitar in the first place.

James Watson – Bass and Keyboards
James discovered rock aged 12 through the Led Zep albums of his elder brother. Piano lessons took on a new meaning, and several tape machines were worked to death as he worked out how to play his favourite songs. The embarrassing school bands gradually grew into something more serious and he got his first record and publishing deal at 19. He has been recording and playing ever since, running a busy studio and doing session work on keyboards, bass and guitar for a variety of artists such as Roy Ayers, Paul Humphreys (OMD), Grace Jones, Skye (Morcheeba), as well as producing music for EMI, Sony and other labels.
When The Black Dogz called and the rock beckoned, he was there, back to where it all started.

Kenny Stone – Drums
Kenny started his drumming journey as a teenager in Reading. His passion for playing the drums was inspired by the amazing artists appearing at the legendary Reading Rock Festival and a constant supply of rock and prog rock albums from his elder brothers. Through the ensuing years Kenny could be found playing gigs across the UK, Scandinavia and mainland Europe with a variety of bands and artists. It was during this period he decided to expand and develop his ability with the drums by enrolling at the world famous Drumtech, where he studied music and drumming for four years. This education has meant that not only could Kenny pursue a career as a professional musician and teacher, but also have the skills and understanding to study the drumming of one of his idols, the late John Bonham, and reproduce it with accuracy and passion for The Black Dogz.
Kenny feels it is an honour and privilege to play some of the greatest rock songs ever written by one of the greatest rock bands, Led Zeppelin.

“I was approached by The Black Dogz about a booking and having been left less than excited by the last Zep tribute I booked, and others I had checked out, I approached it with some trepidation – I need not have worried. Brilliant from beginning to end and already re-booked.”  Phil- Promoter - The Tropic at Ruislip

“Absolutely brilliant, as good as the originals I saw play when in their prime. The Black Dogz are all very talented musicians, and the singer has got Plant’s voice exactly. Best tribute band I’ve seen.” Paying customer - The Tropic at Ruislip 4th March 2011

“As a Zeppelin fan and a promoter The Black Dogz score on both counts, not only performing the classic songs but also some of the more obscure numbers in a professional manner recreating the essence of one of the greatest bands in the world.” Graham Steel - Events Manager Jagz, Ascot

“The Diamond were totally taken by surprise when The Black Dogz took to the stage. This Led Zep tribute were amazing and generated an awesome sound. Even hard Zep fans were mesmerised by their performance. Not only did they deliver the music and vocals to a stunning accuracy but also played some of the well known tracks that other tributes wouldn’t dare attempt. If you have not booked The Black Dogz yet, do it now.” Gary C - The Diamond

"Just quick note to say thanks so much for a great show, we all had a brilliant time. Quite frankly, I could not tell the difference, between you and the original, blasphemy maybe! Ok the beer helped I’m sure, but you are a cracking act, and I hope to see you again sometime. Once again thanks so much, we had a wonderful time ..." Tim - Private Party

The Black Hats
"Moddish urchins in the mould of The Jam and The Who, they’re strident enough to fit in at a punk party, but with songs like ‘Just Fall’ and ‘We Write Things Down’, they’re anthemic yob-savants of pop’s highest order."
-Nightshift Music Magazine"In true 'Hats style', both tracks display punk energy in spades, bags of melody, shouty bits (of course) and highly impressive production work." - Tunnels single review.

-Oxfordshire Music Magazine
"‘Magnets’ is the sound of a band growing in confidence and ambition. This is grand, energetic and tune-filled rock, made by musicians who are supremely committed and are finding both their voice and their space."
"The vocal harmonies in particular are effortlessly magnificent while the lead guitar has that Britpop trick of threatening overblown soloing histrionics but always pulling back at the last minute, letting the song breathe and breathing more life into the song. Top stuff." 
"The band have clearly honed their sound over the past couple of years, and with ‘Tunnels’ it feels like they’re a band completely comfortable with their own abilities – nothing is overdone, but each part is impressive nonetheless. They swerve from Interpol-based hugeness to Blood Red Shoes style riffery without it sounding contrived – a massive feat."
-Sam King, Oxford Music Blog

The Blonde Vipers
We're THE BLONDE VIPERS with Hellen Darnitt on vocals, Matt Dastardly on guitar, Jim on upright bass and Frankie V. on drums. We make music we'd love you to hear and enjoy. We love all things ROCK N' ROLL and blend this into what becomes BLONDE VIPER music. We do this because it's fun...Our love for Rock N' Roll spanning the last 60 years drives and inspires us to create music to make your feet move and your heart pound just a little bit FASTER! We continue to strive to make our sound bigger and better that will only enhance our musical journey and your audio pleasure.

The Breakaway
Band Members:
Ben Fenner - Guitar/Vocals; Jack Barnes - Bass/Vocals; Ryan Arch - Guitarl Shiv Radia - Drums
Web links:
The Breakaway were formed in January 2010 after some initial song writing sessions. Blending an exciting variety of sounds and influences form the Beatles and Led Zeppelin to modern Alternative Rock, The Breakaway have found a really distinctive sound and style. With a short EP in the working and a couple of demos released, the band is looking to play as many live shows as possible and to expand their growing fan base.
 Influences: Foo Fighters, Led Zepplin, The Beatles, Alter Bridge, Oasis, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Thrice, Francesqa, Nirvana, Seether, Paramore, Breaking Benjamin, Biffy Clyro, Coldplay, Lost Prophets, Radiohead.
The Brink
The Brink are a four-piece band based in Reading, Berkshire.  We love playing live and can be found in clubs and bars playing some eclectic favourites old and new – from Paul Weller to the Fratellis, from Dusty Springfield to the Kings of Leon. 
The Brink are: Melissa - Vocals Mike - Guitar Simon - Bass Martin - Drums

 The Consoulers
The Consoulers were formed mid 2009 at Farnborough Sixth Form College. After several months of switching guitarists they finally settled and performed their first gig at South Hill Park’s Cellar Bar in December 2009. Their music consists of Organ/Synth based melodies, covered in irregular time signatures providing quite a unique sound. Ollie Rhodes’ Pink Floyd-esque guitar work also adds to the technicality of the music. Relatively new on the scene, The Consoulers are looking to make a big impact on Reading and the surrounding area.

The Clarity
Tim and Alex first met in October 2003, during a secondary school science lesson. After some time, they eventually got together in the music room, and just did some very disorganised jamming sessions. They continued to play away for about 6 months, with limited success. Eventually they got their first break and were asked to perform a song for the school's Christmas concert. With Alex playing bass, Tim on drums, and a guy called Steve on guitar, they managed to throw a song together. However it was thrown together around about 5 hours before they were due on stage.  

The band went through a series of bass players and rhythm guitarists and continued to play songs at school events etc.  Eventually the breakthrough came in March 2007, courtesy of Dan from 'Setting The Silence' who had secured a gig at Harriet Costello College in July, and 'The Clarity' had been shortlisted (a very short list of 1) to play with them. The band confirmed, on the proviso that they could get a bass player in time. Tim returned with Chris Beattie, a friend from work, and over 3 weeks, they got their heads down, practiced hard, and when the time came, they were ready. Well, almost. On 14th July 2007, the band played their first live gig, to a crowd of just short of 100 people at Costello College, Basingstoke alongside 'Setting The Silence.' The gig was a success, despite Chris' best efforts to ruin their plans, by having his bass, which has active pickups, with a dead 9V. So after some rushing round before show time, the gig went ahead. In August 2008, the band released their 6 track 'We'll Have The Last Laugh' EP. It’s available now, for just £3. A limited amount of T-Shirts are still available, priced at just £6.50. Get both for £8.50. For more info, leave a message. Since then, the band have continued to play gigs, both in Basingstoke and Southampton and spent the summer of 2009 gigging all across the South of England and building a  fan base. 2010 looks to be another good summer for the band and gigs are already on the cards. Keep on rock and/or rollin'

The Devil's Conspiracy
The Devil's Conspiracy is a "Progressive Alternative Punk Rock" power trio from Portsmouth, UK. The band formed in late 2007 when Brad Dorey (Vocals/Guitar/Bass), Brad Garland (Bass/Vocals/Guitar) & Cal Broad (Drums) decided they wanted to create something different because they were bored of the stale uninspiring music that has dominated the alternative rock scene for most of the decade.  In the bands short 2½ year history they have released 2 self financed Demos, 1 E.P. plus a single on a record label. They have toured the UK playing some of the countries best venues, supporting well known underground bands with favourable reviews from underground press. They have also played festivals, been endorsed and had radio play all over the UK. But this is only the beginning.......... 
The band has just released their debut album which can be downloaded for FREE! and are fresh off their 2nd UK tour. With the bands material sounding bigger and better than ever before as well as teaming up with MLT Management; 2010 looks to be the most exciting chapter yet.

The Effektuators

The Effektuators epitomise futuristic Mancunian flavas The overriding vybe is key with this liquid 6 piece. Morphing more genres than Marlon-from the wire-has corners. With Afro – NuSoul – FunkRock – Latino rhythm Driven by Mark hoRRidge anD conSTuciouS whitehead’z ace bass enslaveD 2 hiZ rYddiMz. GerrILindO’z N AnDYKiddZ guitar n keyZ respectively R already so legendary “like freddy kruger itZ ScarY” or “like how your throat has to be hairy, in order to order a BLooDY marY” ??? this squarely leads us to thE frontline where we find ebereempressempressebere N ChriSJaM supplying vocal gymnasticks at once profane and divine

The Endever

The Endever are a dynamic electro rock outfit from the South of England, heavily influenced by the likes of Hawkwind & the Tentacles, mixing in a modern dance vibe. This heady mix is enhanced by the beat poetry of Chris Bowsher (Military Surplus RDF) plus samples from Emma Lilwall (Dub The Earth) & Sam Wise. Vocal extracts from Hawkwind, Respect.

We are based in Hungerford and perform a crossover set heavily influenced by Hawkwind & modern dance beats. We have at the moment about an hour and a half of material.  The band formed in 2008, and the set is growing steadily. The line up is: 

Chris Bowsher of RDF & Millitary Surplus fame, he adds vocals and beat poetry.
Pete Hibberd on keyboards.
Kevin Prestoe (Predo) Guitar, drum and bass programing.
Charlie Carter (DJ Potasium)

The Fire Antz
The Fire Antz are a four piece rock-punk style band, with a full set of distinctive original material featuring catchy lyrics and classic guitar tones. Aurelie – VocalsGrant – GuitarSteveO – BassAndy – Drums / Backing Vocals The Fire Antz originated from Newbury Berkshire at the end of 2008 as a female fronted band drawing on influences such as The Offspring, Green Day and Paramore, as the focus for their originals.  The 4 track debut EP “Wanted” has been recorded and is available at gigs on CD now or downloadable via the website The Fire Antz have been gigging extensively to promote the EP, 2011 will again see more gigs and more new tunes being recorded including “Get The Hint” and “Moving On”.
The Fleas
“This is a bit special. Our pick of the week on Absolute Radio by a country mile. Feelgood melodic indie pop rock with wry lyrics. Gets a big thumbs up from me – and did from the listeners too.” Sarah Champion, Absolute Radio.

The Fleas are here to bring a little sunshine. Following their debut release earlier this year, the UK folk/indie 5-piece are now looking to horizons further afield. Recently signing an agreement with Music Advisors, an international management firm, the band want to find out how their peculiarly English style of pop will fare across the world.

Formed in 2008 by frontman and songwriter Piers Eccleston, The group has spent 2011 touring the UK, playing radio sessions and generally playing the arse out of London. On Kick 106FM, Ed Pickett said “The band is called The Fleas. Live, they are amazing. On record, they’re fantastic as well, but once you see them live, you’re going to love them forever”.

They deliver an irresistibly hook-laden set with songs that simply demand to be heard, whatever you’re into. Forget genres; The Fleas mash old Radio 2 influences with 80’s indie stylings to serve something that’s both familiar and strikingly original all at once. And everyone’s welcome.
The band’s breathtaking musicality owes much to quality of its members. In reviewing the band for TrakMARX, Debbi Hurry said “Piers has a beautiful voice, plain and simple, fractured and fragile and framed so well”. Latin drummer Mannie Mazzeo grew up in Argentina, finishing a tour of Australia and New Zealand to join the band on drums and backing vocals. Unusually for a drummer, he doesn’t hit hard, instead bringing a Latin sophistication to the sound, which is all underpinned and blended by Marc Beard on bass – the groove that brings it all together. On lead guitar, another Argentinian; Rico Pieroni delivers a harder rocking sensibility that can flip a Fleas song from intimacy and heartbreak into something that sounds like a building falling down. Finally, Bernadette brings an extra shimmer and groove to the sound on percussion and backing vocals, giving the band a distinctive three-part vocal harmony that’s unmistakably Fleas. The band also boasts the artist Malcolm Neill, who produces artwork for an alternative flea universe – a kind of sixth form exercise book answer to Gorillaz.

The Fleas have played a number of festivals, including Hamswell, Stanstead Abbott, Uplands, and before 2,000 people at a race day in Devon. They have played a set at In the City in Manchester and recorded sessions at the BBC for 6Music’s Linda Serck, and Reading University’s Junction 11 radio. A couple of songs have even made it onto a PlayStation game. So far, so good. If 2011 marked the band’s first official release, 2012 looks like The Year of The Fleas. Catch them live and be forever bitten.

The Fortunateare a young four piece band full of vitality and energy.  The band consists of Lead Vocalist Natalie, Guitarist Sam, Bassist Rich and Drummer Simon.  “Big gushing hyper pop sound, driving indie rocking guitar underpinned by broad melodic bass lines, swathes of keys for colour and bombastic drums”.  They formed in early 2009, and have played many successful gigs throughout the year. They have shared the stage with some incredible bands. The Fortunate are extremely grateful for all the support they have been given by family, friends, fans and everyone who shares their passion for music.  They continue to gig frequently and look forward to an even more successful year in 2010. 

The 4:20

"The 4:20 formed after Michael returned from a gig in late November 2009. Desperately wanting to be in a indieish band, he went straight to Bradley who was in search of a band at the time, and then Jib, who was a more than willing candidate. All they needed was a drummer and the newly befriended Stefan seemed the perfect match. Once they actually began their first practise in December they realised just how well they could all play together."  -Mr Egg, Issue 5

The Floydian Doors
The Ultimate Pink Floyd and Doors Tribute Band
Re - live the musical rites of  The Doors combined with the psychedelic sounds of Pink Floyd. Re - live the experience
The Flyin’ Muckers
Keeping Steady Rhythm on guitar and tinkling the ivories, we have a semi-Italian mistress named Miss Laura Moretto. Renowned for her set of pace and Italian business connections, she keeps the Muckers behaviour in check, but often joins in when necessary. Moretto also lends vocals to the group, hitting those high notes that the other muckers can't achieve. Next we have the gentle Mr Ben Hartley. Mr Hartley hails from Reading, like 3/4 of the Muckers, and plays the skins. Ben's drum skills manage to release the songs full potential, and his quite frankly amazing drum fills manage to fill the room with a wall of mucker sound. He always creates an original, tight and banging drum beat on all occasions, and also enjoys hiding the odd chair in his own time. Jambo supplies the group with the bass, managing to find the perfect bass line for any occasion, whether it be a punky reggae jaunt or a suited and booted classic. The bass riffs provided by Jambo give the mucker songs an instantly catchy appeal and help move the songs forward with a sense of urgency. Also putting forward his vocals for certian mucker songs, Jambo also enjoys hearing wrong and abusive jokes form Mr Ben Hartley. The band would not be complete without the next member. Malstar on lead guitar provides instantly catchy riffs, and is never shy from dabbling in outrageously lengthy guitar solos. Pulling off the oldskool sound out of love for the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Mal completes the line up of the Muckers by also providing the Vocals that become the voice of many of the mucker songs. The Mucker lineup at its full ladies and gentlemen. 
The Gallery
THE GALLERY is a ROCK'N'ROLL band from Southampton, Hampshire.
They're influenced by top Britpop bands however, they are creating an unique sound by mixing various styles, making fresh, melodic, and very powerful music. The band was formed sometime in 2008 by the Catelli brothers, when they decided to play their tunes around Basingstoke's pubs. Since then, Ben, Webbs, Carlo and Lucas have played all around the South and London in every venue possible, some small as toilets, others amazing but always performing as it was the last day on Earth and forever mesmerizing every single punter in the place. And they keep going, contantly touring and building up a solid fanbase all across the country. The Gallery is a band on a mission: to bring back quality rock'n'roll into the music scene. You can download our tunes for free on ILike:  

The Geese
The Geese formed in the dying summer of 2008, shortly after a UFO sighting off the coast of Grand Manan Island was routinely dismissed as meteoric. The Geese are now based in Vancouver BC, Canada, where they are the respected pioneers of West Coast Danger Folk--music that is deeply rooted in the traditional ideals of folk with a childlike disregard for synonyms of ‘caution’. A cocktail that could only be served by the paradisiacal hand of British Columbia. All five core members of the Geese take turns leading the group in songwriting and live performance, seamlessly trading instruments and roles between songs. By sharing leadership, the Geese are able to sustain a level of creativity and energy that is simply inimitable by other more traditionally organized groups. The inclusion of five distinct and experienced songwriters necessitates that only the pinnacle of each members work is performed by the band, resulting in set lists that play like looped victory laps.

The Geese play regularly in Vancouver and have toured extensively throughout Western Canada. In spring 2009, the Geese toured Eastern Canada and the United States with notable stops in New York, Boston and Halifax. In the summer of 2010, the Geese toured the Mid-Western United States, playing shows in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and North Dakota. The Geese are currently in the studio working tirelessly on their debut LP in anticipation of an ambitious European tour in August/September 2011.

The Gentry Underground

THE GENTRY UNDERGROUND are signed to SKIN BAG RECORDS. The band are renowned for playing quirky, lively "insane" and old school PHYSCOBILLY music. THE GENTRY UNDERGROUND pride themselves on using 70's recording equipment. SKIN BAG RECORDS PRESENTS THE OLD MAN SINGLE "COMING SOON" " INSANE LIVE SHOW, A MUST SEE..... SERIOUSLY!!!" - PUNKZINE.

The Gresham Flyers
Formed in 2005, London-based powerpop misfits The Gresham Flyers started life as a septet of friends brought together by the internet. This proves that despite what The Daily Mail says, it does do some good. Since then, the band have been through three different lineups into their current five-piece configuration in order to realise their manifesto; the firm belief that pop music should be FUN, ENTHUSIASTIC, THOUGHTFUL and GENUINE. With four songwriters and three singers, the sound is diverse, but always exciting. To say that The Gresham Flyers have a wide breadth of influence is an understatement; they may not agree on what bands to call influences (there is not one band that they all agree on liking), but what they create reflects the best part of their record collections. Initially likened to Belle & Sebastian due to lead singer/ songwriter John Waring's focus on kitchen-sink minutiae and indiepop-based sound (a comparison the band now shun), a closer description would now be somewhere between Pulp's claustrophobic, synthetic sleaze and The Arcade Fire's anthemic histrionics, with a dash of Prolapse's dual vocal approach thrown in for good measure. Following the release of the Shiftwork 7" in 2006 ("a cracking little single that is sure to announce the band to the wider world" – Rough Trade), and numerous appearances on compilation CDs, the band released debut album Sex With Strangers in July 2008. The album was picked up by Cherryade Records, and has drawn much acclaim as "well crafted indie pop with a bite" and "genuine pop bliss…melding some of the finest indie pop of the last 20 years into their own form". As a bonus, 2008 also saw the release of a split 10" with fellow Londoners Wintergreen.
Live, the band have picked up a devoted following thanks to their outstanding performances with bands such as Bearsuit, Saturday Looks Good To Me, Lucky Luke, Ladybug Transistor, Persil, MJ Hibbett, The Loves and Kristeen Young. The belief that the current configuration is their best yet is borne out by their improved live performances; Martin, Thom and James provide a fearsome backline, while Sharon and John offer dual vocals leading the fray with wit, charm and enthusiasm, adhering to the manifesto of providing pop music with a smile. While the instrument-changing sets of the previous six-piece lineup have settled down, there are still plenty of opportunities for members to swap roles, each being proficient multi-instrumentalists.  "The Gresham Flyers are named after a type of pushbike, sell immaculately crafted split EPs with bands called The Pale Corners and Wintergreen, and have songs named 'Factory Records Museum' and 'Berry Buck Mills Stipe'...but why be cynical when the performance is such fun, all ungainly spasming tinny guitars and sherbet lemon keyboards. They remind usby turns of a pre-fame Pulp, The Wedding Present, Bis, and Coventry's Ludicrous Lollipops, a band so obscenely obscure, we feel guilty mentioning them. But what better way to describe these indie archaeologists than with a defunct indie band you're even less likely to have heard of? And they have Fall-referencing coloured vinyl. Bloody great fun" Nightshift Magazine (Oxford)  The album Sex With Strangers is available directly from the Cherryade Records website: and the first 50 buyers will receive a free copy of our debut single Shiftwork!

The Hattie Carrolls
The Hattie Carrolls are an alternative psychedelic rock collaboration from Reading, Berkshire. The band has many influences that can be heard throughout their multicoloured pop rooted songs including Radiohead, The Kinks, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd. The name comes from the Bob Dylan song 'The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll' in which Bob Dylan tells the story of the murder of 51-year-old barmaid Hattie Carroll by William Zantzinger. The Hattie Carrolls' hallucinogenic style with soaring melodies and experimental chord progressions take the audience on a mind-expanding rollercoaster ride referencing many bands whilst still being able to create their own distinctive sound.
The Highwasters
We are the Highwasters and we have a mission - to get brilliant live music in your ears. We love playing ska, two-tone and punk stuff from the late 70s and 80s, a smattering of more modern stuff and one or two of our own tunes. We bloody love what we do and people love watching us do it. Check us out next time we're playing - if our energy and passion hasn't rubbed off on you by the end of the night then we'll drink our pints.

So if you like a bit of The Jam, The Specials, The Beat, The Buzzcocks, Ian Drury, The Undertones, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Stranglers and loads of others then be sure to check us out or contact Rod to make a booking. We know for a fact that we are one of the tightest bands in the area. Don't believe it? Ask any of us to buy you a drink. Haha!
 We are the Wasters. We are the band of the suburbs.
The Liam Coughlin Band
The Liam Coughlin Band is a five piece soul outfit, fronted by the unique and rare talent that is Liam Coughlin.
The band perform distinctive reinterpretations of both classic and contemporary neo-soul standards, from the iconic Sam Cooke, Donny Hathaway and Marvin Gaye to the critically acclaimed D’Angelo, Angie Stone and even recent chart song by people such as Bruno Mars. Liam’s diversely soulful voice, aching to the vocal silkiness of Luther Vandross with the potent and percussive nature of Erykah Badu, has earned him much praise and acclaim amongst his peers and fans, and often makes him the headline act and ‘one to watch’ at any music venue. Supported by his exceptionally dynamic band (consisting of Lea Rogers - Guitar, Joe Conte - Bass, Humphrey Boyd - Percussion the LCB is adept and dynamic, and with Liam’s unquestionable showmanship, takes the audience from the euphoric to the emotional and back again, and always leaving everyone wanting more!

“Dynamic, unpredictable, unique, exciting and oozing with soul” was the feedback from their last gig, make sure you don’t miss out on the next!

The Lightworker 

The Lightworker is an acoustic duo from the South East featuring : Danny Osborne - vocals and acoustic guitar Matt Crocker - backing vocals and cajon drum
The Lightworker originally was a solo act with Danny on his lonesome playing folk inspired tunes which told of true stories from around the South East , after a while with the help of friends and talented musicians from around the area, he formed a backing band that played with him on gigs,  Having played with the likes of Benji Kirkpatrick (Seth Lakeman Bellowhead) and headlining Crawley Folk festivals busker stage following on from 2 tours in 2012 (catches breath) .... it was a busy year all around the South East building up a cult following along the way, so after taking sometime out to concentrate on himself,  he met up with his best friend Matt which now makes up the current line-up as a DUO which was made official at the end of 2012.

In 2013 we released our debut E.P. entitled *MUSIC FOR GHOSTS*  released march 2013. As The Lightworker we are very excited and the reviews for the new material have been nothing short of epic

The Limiters
'The, hard-hitting, riff-blasting, face-smashing, melody-making, Limiters' are exploding on to the scene. With their infectious melodies and 'go home singing' songs they bring something modern and exciting to the listener looking for a catchy  - but with a razor sharp edge! With influences as diverse as Billy Talent, Madness and The Cure, expect to hear raucous yet intelligent and melodic songs with mass appeal.We are sure to be hearing a lot more from 'The Limiters'.

The Maestros
Featuring the broad ranging musical & vocal talents of Rich Ausitn & Rory Davidson ‘The Maestros' have been playing together for the last 10 years, impressing audiences with their close-part harmonies, inventive use of percussion and eclectic selection of popular songs!

‘The Maestros’ require a very small stage area and supply a huge sound with two vocals, guitar, bass and percussion (played with their feet), at very competitive rates. Every gig is tailored to suit the client’s needs. “The Maestros’ can provide anything from ambient background music to dance floor fillers for any event, from smart black tie functions, to restaurant entertainment and casual parties

Sample Set List:
Hit The Road Jack – Ray Charles, Black & Gold – Sam Sparrow, I Need A Dollar – Aloe Blacc, Someone Like You - Adelle, My Baby Just Cares – Nina Simone, Break On Through – The Doors, Bye Bye Love – The Everley Brothers, Fever – Peggy Lee, Fly Me To The Moon – Frank Sinatra, Moondance – Van Morrison

The Manic Shine

The Megadudes
Rising from the flames of musical hot-beds Hayes and West Drayton, The Megadudes soar above the mundane like a mighty phoenix, brushing non-believers aside with their fiery wings.

Coming together after the untimely and sorrowful demise of chart toppers 'Hitechjet'* and radio favourites 'Fletch'**, the Megadudes blend the raw brutality of pop with the visceral ferociousness of indie, creating a genre no one dared think was possible: indie pop. Picture the scene, Show World era Redd Kross doing a lovely little dance in a forest while Weezer look on and laugh wistfully. Then imagine Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons peering out from behind some trees, looking all sinister and possibly masturbating. That, my friend, is the sound of the Megadudes. So join Chris, Kyle, Micky and Adam on their magical adventure and day, you can be a Megadude too.

The Mojos


The Monks of Junk
In existence for nearly four years,the core of the band has remained stable but now with after 6 months with their new singer, Natalie Long, they are ready to get out there and do what they do best live!
Very recently they have finished their 3 track EP recorded by Al Heslop @ Creative Control Studio based in South Hill Park, Bracknell, so check out the tunes.

The Nameless Girl
Genesis: On a warm summers evening in 2010, fueled with wine, broken glass and cigarettes, lay in wait the creation of a British bi-polar pop rock monster. The Musical freight-train that is The Nameless Girl was created from a musical one night stand with no protection in sight. With a hangover the size of France, and a lot of explaining to do the morning after, six became one. The aftermath witnessed a coming together of six talented yet troubled minds who’s union signified the start of something special, complicated and evidently genius. Jemma Crook, (vocals) a beautiful brunette, Sam Booth (Synth Bass, Keys,Programming, Sequence, The clever stuff....BORING! ) The Oracle of Life and Death, Alexander Scarfe (Guitar) a self proclaimed narcissist, the talented Lucy Osborn (Guitar), Vicki the rock bitchin chick (Bass). And the Legend that is Wayne Riches (Drums)The band are currently in the process of writing their debut album “Just Let Go” The release date is flagged up to be in Autumn 2011 All music and lyrics © Samuel J Booth and Jemma Crook.
The New Foundations
The ultimate 60's Soul revival band
The New Foundations have enjoyed success on the major circuits in Great Britain, Germany & Denmark. The band are seven seasoned professionals who offer the highest standard & quality in their performances, bringing with them their wealth of experience in stage, screen & recording.
Their line-up is: Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar/Lead Vocals, Tenor Sax/Baritone Sax/Alto Sax/Harmonica/Lead Vocals,
Trumpet/Tenor Sax/Vocals, Bass/Lead Vocals & Drums/Percussion
 The New Foundations play all the classic hits of The Foundations plus a great repertoire of 60’s & Soul classics such as: In The Midnight Hour (Wilson Pickett), Hold On, I'm Coming (Sam & Dave), 634-5789 (Wilson Pickett), Higher & Higher (Jackie Wilson), I Feel Good (James Brown), Bend Me, Shape Me (Amen Corner), Mustang Sally (Wilson Pickett), Knock On Wood (Eddie Floyd), Ain't Too Proud To Beg (Temptations), Soul Finger (Bar-Kays), Tears of a Clown (Smokey Robinson), plus many more.......
The New Foundations are very proud of the reputation that they have built up on the circuit. They are fully self-contained and their show is 100% live, never failing to entertain their audiences with their fabulous 60’s Soul show.

The No-Ones
Bish- Guitar/Vocals 
Boz - Guitar/Vocals
Jimmy Hall - Bass/Backing Vocals
DJ Amott - Drums "The No-Ones are a rock monster from Reading...the energy of Green Day with quality songs." -Bull and Gate, Kentish Town, London One might suggest that naming your band THE NO-ONES is merely “tempting fate”. But the Reading based rockers who claim that moniker are well up for showing fate a thing or two. Consider...
THE NO-ONES formed in December 2009. By February their demo of “Crystalline” was making the rounds on student radio. March was devoted to recording their debut EP “Alcoholiday” with the help of esteemed producer John Mitchell (You Me At Six, Enter Shikari, Kids in Glass Houses) and five time Grammy winner Richard Dodd (Johnny Cash, George Harrison, Tom Petty, The Dixie Chicks). In April THE NO-ONES made their live debut, supporting legendary rockers The Alarm at Sub 89 in Reading. Currently they are fielding interest from London promoters, venues, and a US record label. The NO-ONES cite their influences as The Foo Fighters, The Wildhearts, Led Zeppelin, Velvet Revolver, and Dinosaur Jr. (to name a few). Proper Rock And Roll is what this band is all about: solid guitar riffs, driving drumbeats, and catchy, charged songs that always go down a treat.   Band founders Bish and Boz have been writing and performing music since the age of 14, venturing into Reading first as THE NEW GENERATION in 1999 and later as THE OUTPATIENTS in 2000. After a brief stint as bassist for THE MAKERS, Bish swapped strings for skins and took up drumming for THE SNAGS. Venturing beyond the Home Counties, THE SNAGS toured Europe and the UK extensively, performing in several live TV and radio performances. Before joining forces again with Boz in 2009 to form THE NO-ONES, he played guitar for Reading/Oxford based band THE DYING ANIMALS. In 2000, guitarist Boz became a guitar tech and tour manager for bands including THE YO-YO’S and THE WILDHEARTS, and toured all over the world. He sung vocals on GINGER’S CLAM ABUSE project, and also performed with the band in London. Through a chance meeting at a London studio, he became a live session guitarist with V2 Music’s THE CROCKETTS. During 2000-01 they toured with THE STEREOPHONICS and KID ROCK in the UK and Europe, culminating with performances at Reading/Leeds Festival and Guilfest.  Born and raised in Hong Kong, bassist Jimmy Hall started playing with bands on the HK circuit before moving to the UK in 1998. Skilled in both upright bass and bass guitar, Jimmy has been in demand on the music scene here since he passed through immigration. Starting out as the bassist in ANEUBIS in the early 2000s, he joined Reading rock band NOVASTATE in 2003 and later, HEADLOVE in 2006. Still not quite busy enough, Jimmy played bass on STUART MACWELL’s album and live with MEGAN HENWOOD and JIMMY SCREECH.  DJ Amott is a 4th generation professional drummer who hails from London and has been playing ever since he can remember. “My dad started teaching me when I was 4, used to have a kit with a brick resting on the bass drum pedal.” He studied professionally under RICHARD BEASLEY (drummer for GARY NEWMAN) and JOE BARBOSA III (from QUEEN ADREENA and CAPE FEAR). He joined punk band ROOKEY in 2002, followed by Reading rock band NOVASTATE the following year. Like fellow band mate Jimmy, he’s enjoyed a lot of time as a studio and session drummer and is currently endorsed by Vic Firth, Paiste, and Mapex.

The Occassional Orchestra
First there was HOME & ABROAD 'The Tonka Toys of Pop' who released records all over although mostly in Europe and enjoyed their best relationship with Madrids ELEFANT RECORDS; the bands Smoky Town single being Elefants first ever release. HOME & ABROAD included Darrell Mitchell on guitar, vocals and songwriting and Barry Light on drums. After a few enforced line up changes Jon Taylor joined the band and stayed with Darrell in various other projects while Darrell also played with other bands including PRESSGANG who covered his song Stain on Your Heart on their Fire album. Sometime later there came a studio based project STUMBLE ON THE VALVES, who had their cover of the White Spiritual, Lonesome Valley, included on the Whispers from the Offing CD tribute to KEVIN COYNE. Darrell started gigging again, solo at first, in August 2007 but within a year had been  joined on stage by the 6 piece Occassional Orchestra. After the virtually solo Live CD recorded at Rising Sun Arts Centre and the studio CD "Japeeza" recorded with various line ups as the band grew the Occasional Orchestra have now recorded and released Dust and Satellites, a 10 track album available through 

The Open Soul Band is a collective of musicians from the Berkshire / Surrey area who deliver foot stomping, feel good gigs which are full of Motown, Soul, and R&B grooves. Taking these classic tracks and mixing them with modern Soul covers allows the band to provide an entertaining setlist no matter what the occasion. Founded by the former rhythm section of The Driver Brothers, James Shore (Bass) and Chris Jackson (Drums) returned to their funky roots and recruited Matt Drayton (Tenor & Alto Sax), Barry Pascolutti (Guitar & Backing Vocals), Claire Hoskings (Tenor Sax) and Phillippa Phillips (Lead Vocals) to join them on their journey through the archives of great record labels and genres such as Motown, Stax, Northern Soul and Chess. In addition to the core six members, The Open Soul Band are also joined by the hugely experienced percussionist, Dave Golding, who completes the sound by adding his distinctive Latin Percussion feel to the songs
The Other Dances
"This EP is a charming glimpse at a band who hopefully will hone these skills over time and craft some truly sterling, just left of mainstream pop tunes" (4 out of 5 stars) God is in the TV 'zine

"The four songs presented on this demo are concise, carefully constructed gems that waste no time making their point" Oxford Music Blog

"An invigorating new modern indie sound" Manchester Music

"The Other Dances expertly blend the classic styles of all of their predecessors, emerging with their own smart pop sound"
John Eberly, Seen Magazine

"The Other Dances occupy the grey never-never-land between Outright Seriousness and Nudge-Nudge Irony, and it’s a pleasant place to bask." A New Band a Day

The Papers

The Papers are a raw 5-peice collaboration of some of Reading's finest homegrown musical talent.
Fusing conscious live hip hop with funk, soul, dub, rock and more, come watch if you want to see the return of real music.

The People's Republic
The People's Republic are a five piece Rock band located in Reading and have been going strong since December 09'. In that time we have played gigs with many good bands such as Six nations state and Dead mask club. The band is abounding with catchy riffs, bass and guitar solos and energy which makes us stand out from most bands. Our influences are Bad Company, Rage against the machine, AC/DC, Slash (Guns'n'roses and Velvet revolver) and Wolfmother. We have recently made it to the Battle of the bands semi-finals at Face-bar and have played with a lot of good bands along the way. We've also had good reviews such as Club velocity said we were "fresh kids sounding very special". 
The Peppermint Hunting Lodge
Spacerock pioneers The Peppermint Hunting Lodge are a tempestuously spirited sextet hellbent on leaving their mark on the music scene.

Gracing cities including London, Brighton, Sheffield, Manchester, Plymouth, Swansea, and Newport amongst others, they are well travelled and back home they have built a loyal Lodge fan base - playing regularly in their home county as well as in Bristol, Bath, Hereford and Worcester. They have already graced the stage with the likes of Funeral Party, Pulled Apart by Horses, The Automatic and The Rifles, to name a few, and have left a lasting impression wherever they have performed with their relentless in-your-face energy and their impressive arsenal of catchy totemic tunes.
Their most recent recording - Kill a Tiger or Die Trying - was set down with Tom Woodhead (Forward Russia) at the helm and was mastered by Tim Turan (Turan Audio). The release showcases the band’s natural dynamism along with their ability to carve a hook-laden song in amongst varying time signatures. It won’t be too long before they are snapped up by a manager/label, it’s just a case of who gets to them first. BBC Gloucestershire - "The high octane atmosphere in the songs is highly charged: a riot of sound from beginning to end that will get any indie dance floor pumping."

The Playmakers
The Playmakers are a 3 piece band that only had their first gig on 31 July at The Fleece in Bristol. Since then they have played gigs at venues such as the world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool, the Hope & Anchor in London and Camden Rock.

They already have a sound of their own – It is back to basics, stripped down, lo-fi with the songs being able to breath and speak for themselves. Charlie’s chord based driving guitar sound works together with Joe’s inspired drumming, which is tight and carry’s the songs with colour and variation that lifts the rhythm.
It is Will Jones’s bass that plays the melodic part, taking on a totally different twist to the standard guitar, bass and drums approach and lending itself completely to their own sound and songs. Charlie’s voice is distinct and different and the sum of all these parts make’s them very special and unique in today’s music landscape.

She’s A Mystery – The Playmakers.“This little cutie has we must admit caught us on the blind side and through repeat plays has grown on us to the point that we’re totally smitten with it.” Losing Today Magazine

“There's something compelling and addictive about their sound. I hope they stick at it, working the circuit and building up a following as I've a feeling that they've got the attitude and determination to be very successful.” - My Dad Rocks
The Police Academy
Many tribute bands claim to have one particular element of their act “just right” - the look, the sound, the equipment, the musicianship... Yet rarely do you find a band where each one of these individual components has been painstakingly addressed in just as much detail as the last. The Police Academy, however, do exactly that. Recreating and reproducing a totally authentic experience that allows audiences to enjoy and immerse themselves in some of the best known songs ever written by truly, one of the World's greatest ever bands. Roxanne, Message In A Bottle, Every Breath You Take, King Of Pain, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic and Walking On The Moon are just few of the highlights in a set that could in legitimately be described as “all killer, no filler”. The high-energy and engaging nature of the band's performances ensures that they willingly command your full attention from the very first note to the last, totally immersing you in the music and ensuring you have just as much fun as they do along the way.
The Popes of Chillitown
‘Top notch skanking funky Britpop.’Time Out
‘The sharpest, tightest Ska sound we have ever had on the show’ Tom Robinson BBC6
 ‘A band of clear potential, plenty of energy and enthusiasm...could they front the rise of new, young Ska bands into the mainstream?’ - 
POPES OF CHILLITOWN are a six piece BritSka Indie band from London, forged many moons ago from the tentative beginnings of late-night jam sessions between friends. The band have burst onto the London gig scene over the past 3 years with a host of performances at many well-respected venues, including legendary London venues such as The Astoria, Hackney Empire and 100 Club, as well as all around the UK with bands such as Imperial Leisure, The King Blues and Dave Barker. But a straight up British Ska band they are not. Blending genres and each of the members’ influences makes for a unique sound and a breath of fresh air from generic bands that make generic music for fear of punters not “getting it”. A typical POPES OF CHILLITOWN show boasts soaring vocals, orgasmic guitars, sexy sax solos, banging Ska beats and chunky basslines.
Their debut 4 track EP ‘BUY ONE GET ONE FREE’, (7/10 Rock Sound) was released in December 2008 through Evil Uncle Records and was both a celebration of the band’s sound, and a critique on the branded, monitored world we live in. Songs such as the title track and ‘End ‘Em All’ denounce the advertising world for persuading their customers that their life is not complete without cheaper car insurance or that extra blade on their razor. The EP as a whole remarked on how adverts constantly provide answers to questions that nobody asked in the first place, forcing many a Pope to turn their television off forever. Artwork was provided by Linda Joy of cult contemporary British arthouse La Boca (Muse, SMD).
The band are currently recording tracks for their debut album, expected mid-2010. For a taster of new tracks such as Terrible Host and I See Dub People, check out the band’s site:
The Resonators
Classic 70s Punk/new wave tribute band with a set full of stomping anthems from the first wave of classic punk and new wave 70s era bands, The Clash, The Undertones, The Buzzcocks, The Jam, The Ramones, The Pistols, Elvis Costello & the Attractions, Sham 69, The Stranglers, The Ruts and Sham 69. Quirky classics by Jilted John and Tenpole Tudor are mixed with more high-energy covers by Green Day, Blink 182, Iggy Pop, Nirvana and The White Stripes making for a storming party atmosphere. With plenty of charisma and charm, THE RESONATORS are creating a storm every time they play. RAW POWER, ENERGY AND CRACKING TUNES
The Rewinds
Lynsey Jordan – Lead Vocals - Lyn is an accomplished singer with a powerful voice and a stage presence to match. Performing on stage from the age of 5 and having had professional vocal training for over 10 years. Lyn currently sings with a variety of different groups which act to showcase the diversity of her talent. Whether the gig is cool jazz, upbeat soul or hard rock, Lyn will deliver. A trail of won over audiences stands as testament to her ability. James Edge – Guitar & Vocals - James is a professional musician and Guitar & Bass teacher. James is a graduate of the Academy of Contemporary music where he gained a Ba (hons) in Music Performance. After playing for many groups in a variety of styles including Pop, Rock, Soul, Funk, R&B and Jazz as well as recording studio sessions for various artists, James has developed a wealth of experience in musicianship. Jim Dytham – Bass & VocalsJim is an exciting young bass guitarist and double bass player. With over ten years experience performing live and in the studio with a huge number of acts ranging from original songwriters to professional touring theatre productions, Jim has had the opportunity to play styles including rock, pop, funk, soul, folk, country, rockabilly, latin, hip hop and jazz. Mic Harrison – Drums and Percussion - Mic is a professional drummer and teacher who has been playing drums in excess of 15 years. He has studied drums at some of the top institutes in the country, including Drumtech (London) and the Academy of Contemporary Music. Mic has extensive experience of playing live, having appeared at major festivals including Readin and Leeds and having toured all over the U.K with various signed acts.
The Rewinds are an exciting covers and functions band from Reading Berkshire. The 4 piece female fronted band consists of pro-musicians who between them have a wealth of experience in the music industry. The band have put together a modern day set list with well known songs from the 90’s to the current day, with artists covered including: Alanis Morisette, Ash, Blondie, Crowded House, Eagle Eyed Cherry, Jack Johnson, Jet, Kaiser Chiefs, KT Tunstall, Lilly Allen, Maroon Five, Moloko, No Doubt, Oasis, RHCP, Scissor Sisters, Snow Patrol, The Fratellis, The Killers, The Kooks, The La’s, The Zutons. The Rewinds provide a friendly and efficient service from the initial booking right through to the day of the event. They pride themselves on working to an exceptionally high standard as musicians and maintain a professional attitude at all times.

The Rewinds experience is second to none with band members having toured all over the UK with Theatre productions, signed bands and acts and having a mass of studio experience between them. As a band, The Rewinds play totally live, with a huge amount of enthusiasm and talent which gives clients a very accurate rendition of their repertoire and will keep you dancing all night! The Rewinds can provide the very best professional sound & lighting equipment, as well as quality instruments and backline. Also we now have a music video! This can be viewed on our website: or from the following link:
The Scene
Are a Wrexham born band consisting of 5 lads and a little lady with a passion for live n loud Indie/Rock music! Lead singer, Craig Spencer Griffiths remembers; “Watching bands like the Who and their performances taking bits of their songs inspired me to express my own feelings into words and tell my own stories. “I drew from my own experiences and my musical influences and brought them together”. By 2010 the band felt confident that their original material should be the focus of the band. The band then entered into the Live and Unsigned competition where they won through heats and got to the final at London’s prestigious O2 Arena. Guitarist Gareth Holmes said; "It was great to perform at the O2 Arena. Most importantly we did a few gigs prior to try and keep a local adventure playground open; we also got to take 52 people including some of the children from the scheme to the O2 which was very important to us". After coming runners-up in the live and unsigned competition, the band and have expanded their lineup and began a short tour of North Wales in November and December. The Scene have been busy working hard to prepare their upcoming EP and have just emerged from the studio in January after having laid 4 enormous tracks. The EP is expected to be released in April 2011 and will be accompanied by a National Tour. Band Members: Craig Spencer Griffiths - Vocals, Gareth Holmes - Lead Guitar, Dean Stevens - Rhythm Guitar, Jenni Pratt - Bass , Anthony Turner - Drums, Craig Allen - Keys

The Secret
is an energetic party band, guaranteed to get even the most stubborn feet tapping.  As well as playing popular classics we re-introduce you to the songs you'd forgotten you like, but rarely hear, from a diverse range of eras covering the 60's to current chart hits. We cover Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and the outskirts of London playing both public gigs, and private functions.  We are also able to travel further afield with notice. We are the obvious choice for weddings, corporate functions or your special party where you want everyone to go away with the "........WOW" factor of seeing an exciting band playing a superb range of songs.

Backed up by lighting, full backdrop capabilities and light shows (customisable to the event) and our own 3kw PA system. We are able to cater for almost any occassion.
The Sidewinders
The Skarlets
THE SKARLETS  are an energetic 7-piece ska tribute band that perform classic 2tone and ska hits from the 1970’s and early 80’s.The main emphasis is on a fun night and creating a party atmosphere, with great quality music and encouraged audience participation.
Performing great tunes by artist such as - Jimmy Cliff , The Pioneers, The Specials, Madness , Bad Manners, Desmond Dekker, The Beat  etc. We can guarantee you will be up on the dance floor all night long  to songs you may, (or if you are too young) may not remember, and enjoy the professional and entertaining live performance.
The Soft South
Berkshire-based three-piece The Soft South was originally formed in 2010 by singer/songwriter and guitarist Will Curry, with pianist and all-round musical genius Sam Gooderham, playing light-hearted music that doesn’t neatly fit into any one genre – mostly because “acoustic-y” apparently doesn’t count as one. Since their original formation, The Soft South has begun to grow in size, with Oli joining as resident hitting-things-with-sticks player and the band always on the lookout for more musicians to thicken out their sound and create a formidable ensemble. Despite only just beginning to materialise, the band have already recorded some demos and gigging is on the way, with a catalogue of songs taking influence from folk, indie and a hint of jazz as well.

The Sonic Flowers
The Sonic Flowers are one of the best new Alt Indie/Garage Rock Bands from Reading UK, paying homage to 70's Punk and Alt Rock styles.

The Sonic Flowers are:  Jordan Jones on Guitar & Vocal, Harry Dodson on Bass & Vocal, Jowan Marsden on Guitar their influences include: 
The Strokes, The Clash, Oasis, The Velvet Underground, The Stooges and The Cribs. 

The Spiderlings
We are The Spiderlings! the funky, grooving, rocking, bluesin, best covers band around. We specialise in giving people a good time (mainly through our musical abilities ;))  
We do gigs in pubs, clubs, shopping malls, weddings, private venues, corporate venues and anywhere else you can think of that will fit a ford transit van and five blokes with a tonne of gear! We are a very dynamic and diverse bunch of chaps more than willing to go to the ends of the earth (and beyond!) to make your occasion one to never forget. We can do any song requests free of charge, provided you let us know in advanced. We also accommodate a wide variety of set times and lists. Have a listen to our tracks, get a feel for the music and drop us a line if you want a musical event to remember.
The Stellar Thieves
The Stellar Thieves are a Rock 'n' Roll band from London, England. They rehearse in a living room and drink in The Wellington Arms.  This autumn its all coming together, with memorable shows and brand new tunes! So if it sells come jump on the wagon! Live music is where they live.


The Stereo Shutdown
The Lost in the Colour EP
We are The Stereo Shutdown we are a rock band from Guildford. "The Stereo Shutdown blend rock/indie guitar riffs with driving chorus' and a splash of Electronica to get their unique sound." In the near future we will be heading into the studio to record our debut EP. Back in the winter of 2007, The Stereo Shutdown was born.Starting as an acoustic project, with each adaptation, the calm melodies became soaring choruses and the strummed chords became ambient riffs.  After a year of writing, Chris Hutchison recorded a 3 track EP "Lights and Noise" with the help of producer Guy Davies, of Without Thought.  Three months transpired; it was time to develop things.  The project craved the addition of Chris Bacon, to play these ambient riffs.  It demanded timing and foundation, so Luke Wyeth stepped on board to provide the complex percussion required.  There was a mixing of flavours and influences, when they came to the conclusion that something was missing.  Pat Byrne joined the mix and with that, they set about writing.And so, from Invincible Studios, with the help of Guy Davies, they produced their debut EP.Starting as an acoustic project, with each adaptation, the calm melodies became soaring choruses and the strummed chords became ambient riffs.  After a year of writing, Chris Hutchison recorded a 3 track EP "Lights and Noise" with the help of producer Guy Davies, of Without Thought.  Three months transpired; it was time to develop things.  The project craved the addition of Chris Bacon, to play these ambient riffs.  It demanded timing and foundation, so Luke Wyeth stepped on board to provide the complex percussion required.  There was a mixing of flavours and influences, when they came to the conclusion that something was missing.  Pat Byrne joined the mix and with that, they set about writing.And so, from Invincible Studios, with the help of Guy Davies, they produced their debut EP. The Stereo Shutdown, soft rock band, comprises four Guildford lads who have developed their unique sound, blending soaring melodies with ambient guitar riffs and some stripped back acoustic thrown in for good measure.  They are currently releasing their debut EP, “Lost in the Colour”. Hear it on Spotify, Amazon, Napster and iTunes.

The Stylettes

"Formed by the backbone of popular originals band ‘Brassneck’ we now give you…….’The Stylettes’, a 50’s / 60’s rock ‘n’ roll and beat group function band. With the girls in 60’s dresses and the boys in sharp suits and skinny ties, ‘The Stylettes’ are the epitome of 1960's cool and combine great rock ‘n’ roll with the 60’s girl group garage sound. The Surrey and Hampshire based bands playlist includes authentic raucous 50’s rock ‘n’ roll through to soaring melodic girl group classics, prom-sweetheart ballads and some up-to-date tracks given a 50s/60s flavour. ‘The Stylettes’ combine 3 great vocal talents with an epic sounding backing band. Band members use the highest quality professional backline equipment, and a professional PA and lighting rig. With the newly launched ‘Stylettes’ website the band are now available for events and parties around the UK in 2011 / 2012 and ‘The Stylettes’ are guaranteed to have you dancing all night."
The Submission
The Submission are back! We're rocking faster and drinking harder than ever before! We are a punk rock band, staying true to our diy style and punk ideals. We play all over the place spreading our brand of punk rock, shouting and screaming our way through the night! We play original and covers, and usually end up playing for up to 2 and a half hours. You can hear our original music on this page, and on our fansite, linked in our top friends. The covers we perform range from The Clash, Greenday, Rancid, Blink 182, Billy Idol & Kings of Leon. We formed in 2006, and have since then have performed at many venues, all day gigs, festivals, and our greatest achievement, supporting Punk Legends Stiff Little Fingers.  We put on an energetic, lively show with catchy songs, come down to the next gig, sing along, jump around, and have a drink! Support the scene! Go to as many gigs as possible, support all the local music, don't let the passion and energy of music go away. Working class heroes, don't you give up.
The Third Party Band
Third Party’s solitary intention is to play entertaining soul and disco that makes people want to get up & dance & sing along. Playing a mixture of uplifting music such as 60’s classics from Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding & James Brown through 70’s funk and disco from Stevie Wonder & Donna Summer to 80’s & 90’s dance from M People and Katrina & the Waves right up to the present day with Duffy & Mark Ronson. A seven piece band led by two great singers and soulful sax along with guitar, keys, bass & drums. Your first call for a fabulous funky night of music and dancing  
The Tomcats
Members: Tom Harker - Trumpet & vocals - Has been running jazz bands since a teenager one of which played in the Plymouth international jazz and blues festival, experienced in functions, has played in the Pendulum jazz orchestra and Devon youth jazz orchestra and won bursaries at Dartington International Summer School on courses with Keith Tippet and Herbie Flowers. Will Statham - Tenor Saxophone - Experienced jazz player, member of Pendulum jazz orchestra, former member of Southampton university jazz orchestra who played Montreaux jazz festival. Dan Caney - Bass - Professional musician covering a wide variety of styles in different bands including a renowned Elvis tribute band. Nick Currie - Piano - Up and coming talent in jazz piano, Nick has played with many jazz outfits, with such infectious sounds and creativity he looks to go far as a professional jazz musician. Paul Glover - Drums - Well sought after Reading based drummer who is a member of UK based band Pure Reason Revolution. With critically acclaimed albums under major labels (Sony/BMG) Paul has toured internationally and played many venues in Europe with Pure Reason Revolution and played with other major bands and acts.

The Wrong'uns

" This band is a 'must see!' We have had the honour of having them at 'Expression' twice. Check them out! " Rach - Expressions Open-mic night 

Them Changes
Having been writing and performing in variety of guises for the last decade, 2008 saw the inception of a slightly different artistic direction for me. As with all prolific song writers, there had always been a glut of material that was unsuitable for the bands I was playing with at the time of composition; and combined with those songs simply deemed too personal or too important to perform previously, they had never seen the light of day. However, at the beginning of 2008 (inspired by the purchase of a new guitar!) I made the decision to open up a new channel of both performance and creativity and the music that came out of that was such that I felt confident I could survive as a lone entity! Following a few water-testing (and material trialling) gigs around Berkshire in the early part of the year, I set to work recording a few ditties with the intention of populating this very MySpace with something more entertaining than this blog. Some of the resulting efforts you hear right now. Longer term, there will be more recordings of bigger and better material, an EP and maybe an album but in the here and now, having completed the due-diligence of getting a MySpace page with some tunes up and running, I'll start hitting the gig circuit again so watch out for me in a dingy, badly lit, stale beer smelling bar near you soon!       

Toliy VyacheslavovExcellent tenor saxist takes no leisure in his attaack and inventiveness. Proves that jazz is an Universal language that knows knows borders.  Don't miss him he is one of the best saxophonists abroad in this country - he says it all with his horn! Such a personal reward to behold. A must see for serious jazz enthusiasts.

is an acoustic folk-duo hailing from Reading, UK. This musical pairing of Jen Bird and Simon Driscoll gives rise to a stunning live act that leaves audiences transfixed.  
New Album 'Tomorrow Bird'

Each of their heartfelt songs are a passionate ode to the human experience...  
They sing of hope, love, loss, courage and empowerment - creating stories and melodies rendered all the more poignant for the duo’s rich vocals and seamless harmonies.  Following the release of their debut single, Tomorrow Bird were named Best Duo at the 2017 GSMC Awards.  Website:

Tom Lucas
Tom Lucas has always had music in his life. He is a self taught guitarist and is influenced by REM, Counting Crows, Elbow and the like. After much experimenting recording some demo tracks, Tom released his first home produced album 'Or What You Will' – which is available at his gigs.  During 2010 Tom has featured on BBC Introducing with Jenny Minard as well as regularly performing all over Reading, including a local music festival. It is hoped that 2011 is just as successful for Tom Lucas. He is occasionally joined by his friends Sam (bongos) and Ben (electric guitar) who add an extra dimension to his sound when performing live. However, his stripped back sets give the audience an opportunity to appreciate the lyrics that Tom has written in a more relaxed atmosphere. Tom is currently working on his second album while incorporating new tracks into his live set. For more information visit or


Tony Haven
"Instrumental acoustic guitarist who brings to mind the pop sensibility of Newton Faulkner whilst harnessing the guitar wizardry of Eric Mongrain" - BBC                       

Trio Spongo
On a hot summers night in July 2007 Rich Robinson and Jym Plumer received yet more shocking news that yet another band had pulled out of the mini festival that they and a few other friends were organizing. The 'if you book them they will come' attitude may have worked for Wayne and Garth but had certainly backfired for these two. With only 3 bands confirmed and just 4 days to go until the start of LODGESTOCK there was no other option but to form a band! So getting in Lewis Wright to play bass, Rich Robinson on guitar & vocals and Jym Plumer playing drums the beginnings of TRIO SPONGO were in place. Two practices later they had a list of 10 songs to play at LODGESTOCK. They have since recorded their debut album, 26 Acres, and recently played live at Jagz in Ascot to celebrate their first birthday to one of their biggest audiences to date. 

The Unaccompanied
Playing stripped back-to-basics acoustic songs, The Unaccompanied are currently performing a selection of original songs at open mic nights as well as opening for bands with the full set at small venues around Berkshire and Oxfordshire. 

You can find out more at: 

More details soon

Unique Keys is a solo artiste who uses a Yamaha PSR S910 Keyboard and a Bose L1 Compact amplifier which takes around 12 minutes to set up. All his  music is done live with no backing tracks except for music quiz's which is mixed with pre-recorded music and live performance's and 100 party tunes for intervals and when something a little more lively is required
I have scoured the internet and YouTube and seem to be unique in what I do. My full repertoire is listed below, to which I'm adding to on a regular basis. Although I have been playing Keyboard for 15 years+ I have only discovered my "voice" within the last 18 months
Sample Set List: You’re My Best Friend, Gypsy Woman, She’s in Love With a Rodeo Man, Til the Rivers All Run Dry, Amanda, In the Shelter of Your Eyes, I Wouldn’t Want to Live, We Should Be Together (All by Don Williams), Devil Woman Marty Robbins, Eighteen Yellow Roses Marty Robbins, El Paso Marty Robbins, Country Bumpkin Cal Smith, Red Sails in the Sunset Connie Francis, The Rose Bette Midler, Billy Joe Johnny Cash, Long Black Veil Johnny Cash, Ring of fire Johnny Cash, Streets of London Ralph McTell, Perfect Day Lou Reid, Hallelujah Leonard Cohen, Knocking on Heavens Door Bob Dylan, Mad World Tears for Fears, I Can’t Help Falling in Love Elvis Presley, Love Me Tender Elvis Presley, Edelweiss Rogers & Hammerstein, You’ll Never Walk Alone Rogers & Hammerstein, Homeward Bound Simon & Garfunkel, Sounds of Silence Simon & Garfunkel, April Come She Will Simon & Garfunkel, The Boxer Simon & Garfunkel, Bridge Over Troubled Water Simon & Garfunkel, Over the Hills & Far Away John Tams, Silver Haired Daddy of Mine Jim Reeves, Scarlet Ribbons Jim Reeves, In the Early Morning Rain Peter Paul & Mary, Puff the Magic Dragon Peter Paul & Mary, Chasing Cars Snow Patrol, Wicked Game Chris Isaaks, Whiter Shade of Pale Procol Harem, Blue on Black Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Running Down a Dream Tom Petty, Durham Town Roger Whittaker, Final Farewell Roger Whittaker, A Little Bitty Tear Burl Ives, White Flag Dido, Life For Rent Dido, Human The Killers, Lucille Kenny Rogers, Ruby Kenny Rogers, Sorry Tracy Chapman, Nights in White Satin Moody Blues, Sweet Caroline Neil Diamond, Forever in Blue Jeans Neil Diamond, What a Beautiful Noise Neil Diamond, Two Little Boys Rolph Harris, First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Roberta Flack, Have I Told You Lately Van Morrison, Your Song Elton John, Roses Are Red My Love Bobby Vinton, Fool If You Think It’s Over Chris Rea, Where Do You Go To My Lovely Peter Sarstedt, Whole Again Atomic Kitten, Hello Lionel Richie, Seasons in the Sun Terry Jacks, Against All Odds Phil Collins, Think I’d Better Leave Right Now Peter Gallagher, Lady in Red Chris de Burgh, Bunch of Thyme, When You Were Sweet Sixteen, When I Grow Too Old to Dream, Oh Danny Boy, Galway Bay Foster & Allen, Maggie, When I Dream I Dream of You, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, I’ll take you home Kathleen (All by Foster & Allen), Crystal Chandelier Charlie Prid

Very Nice Harry (Updated details & pic soon)

Vine Messiah

Yesterday's Trash Queens
Luke Nugent - Guitar / vocals, Matt Gotts - Guitar / Backing Vocals, Jury - DrumsTrash Queens are a band formed locally round the Staines and Kingston areas, playing they're own take on a modern twist of "Glam Metal". With influences ranging from Kiss to Killswitch, these boys are here primarily to have fun. With just a handfull of shows behind their back's they have managed to accumulate a loyal following in a short amount of time.  With their planned release for their 3/4 track E.P. coming up, and a short burst of shows round the country, this could be an exciting few months for the Queens.
" From this promising start it is apparent that Yesterday’s Trash Queens could become at least “a local celebrity band”, if not even “the next big thing” " The Independent Voice
Influences: Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, Brides Of Destruction, AFI, Bullets And Octane Atreyu, 18 Visions, Papa Roach

More details soon

In December 2011, Zangryus released The Ninth Circle, their long awaited first studio album since Freedom in 2005. This epic double concept album paints a picture of the finest aspects of Zangryus, from the technical prowess of each of the musicians, the blistering solos and harmonic vocals that characterise Zangryus as the ultimate example of Eastern Progressive Metal. The current incarnation of Zangryus formed in 2007, when Ash & Smana were joined by Nick and Damien. Zangryus have been touring the South of the UK with their unique sound for the last few years, most recently to promote The Ninth Circle.
The Ninth Circle is now out, available through

Zipper Tongue
The very popular cover act Zipper Tongue are a two piece covers band who use real instrument backing tracks recorded professionally and consisting only of drums and bass. They play every other instrument live and in real time. Zipper Tongue have a vast array of instruments literally at their finger tips thanks to midi synthesisers, this gives them the ability to play any instrument at the flick of a switch, all from the comfort of their guitars.There are no limits to what Zipper Tongue can perform as they are not governed by the strict confines of just guitars. With the help of their equipment, consisting of vocal harmonisers, midi effects units, top of the range amplifiers and speakers, they can create effects such as a large brass band, a classical orchestra or a straight forward rock band with the greatest of ease.

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