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Kendal Sant
‘One Night’
Release date: 8 February 
Format: CD single & digital download
Catalogue number: SORCY001
Record label: Sorcy Productions Ltd
Distribution: RTD / Universal Music Operations
On February 8th 2010, Brighton’s rising star, Kendal Sant, releases his debut single, ‘One Night’.
A charismatic and gifted singer in the classic tradition, Kendal Sant draws on a range on influences from Bob Dylan to Ryan Adams, bringing a fresh contemporary English voice to the craft, performing captivating and insightful material. These heartfelt songs display an insight and maturity way beyond his 22 years. Discovered by renowned Manager/ producer /Engineer Stuart Epps (Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Paul Rodgers, Oasis, Twisted sister), Kendal had originally planned an acting career. But just as Kendal was about to start a course at the Birmingham School of Acting, he booked a holiday to took a trip to Chamonix, France, that would change his life. On arrival Kendal was told his luggage has been lost. Luckily, Kendal had taken his guitar on board as hand luggage, so finding himself a stranger in a strange town in the French mountains, Kendal headed for a local bar.  Explaining his situation, the bar’s sympathetic manager gave Kendal some promotional t-shirts to wear until his luggage was returned. Kendal returned the favour by playing a couple of songs to entertain the crowd in the bar. The owner was so impressed he offered Kendal 5 gigs a week for 100 Euros a night, plus free accommodation. Not wishing to lose the gig (and the new roof over his head), Kendal didn’t tell the bar owner he only new three songs, so quickly set about learning as many songs as he could. The three week holiday eventually turned into a three month residency. On his return to the UK, Kendal had made up his mind that he wanted to be a singer, and shortly answered an advert for a “rubbish reality TV show” called 'The E4 School of Performing Arts'. The prize up for grabs was a scholarship at The Academy of Contemporary Music. Despite not winning, Kendal got a call from the academy after performing in the final show offering him a place, adding, “you don’t need to audition, you’re in if you want it.” Kendal accepted, but left after passing the first year of the course in order to concentrate on his moving his career forwards. Kendal then landed the part in a Nokia advert, where he was required to record some of his own material at Paul Weller’s studio in Guildford. It was here that Kendal met producer Stuart Epps, who was so impressed with Kendal’s material that he made it clear he would like to work with him as a solo artist and as his manager. Kendal’s big break had arrived. Several other sessions were booked with Stuart Epps producing, and it was during these sessions that ‘One Night’ was recorded. Taken from his as yet untitled debut album (due for release in summer 2010), ‘One Night’ showcases Kendal as an artist of enormous potential and definitely one to watch in 2010.
Kieland Ridge
Starting in early 2010, with a few guitar riffs, a mix of influences and a blend of three individual musicians, Kieland Ridge was born.

The trio, from Buckinghamshire and Berkshire, have gone from strength to strength, gradually being recognised for their energetic and dynamic sound in the studio and particularly as a live band. With their first demos, ‘Silver Street Sessions’ recorded in October 2010, getting endorsements from ‘Knucklehead Strings’ and ‘Indie Guitar Co.’ and gigging continuously all over the South East of England, including festival slots, this Rock/ Alternative band are most certainly progressing rapidly and are fast becoming one to watch. They have just released their debut E.P ‘Underdog’ which is available at gigs or to stream online. Kieland Ridge are: Dale Revell- Guitar/Vocals, Sophie Reed- Drums/Backing Vocals and Piero Mingolla- Bass
Proudly endorsed by Indie Guitar Co. & Knucklehead Guitar strings.
Kinky Boot Beasts
The cosy village of Purley-On-Thames has been the bands long-term base, rehearsal space and hang out since their early inception in 2005. After a long history of different line ups and name changes, most of the original band members have cut their hair and finally returned to deliver what they originally set out to do in their early teens.
Formerly E.C.P, Kinky Boot Beasts perform with a new passion and conviction brought by the addition of guitarist Ben Glass. With influences from Radiohead to Hendrix the band don’t shy away from their love of music, new and old. This can clearly be heard in the sound that they have achieved since becoming... Kinky Boot Beasts

K- Lacura
"They didn’t even bother with an introduction, instead we are once again fighting for our musical freedom on this chosen battlefield; a war of words and instruments, each one competing to make more impact than the last. The timing is impeccable, synchronised, morose but not depressing. It feels like riot music, something they would play at the pinnacle moment when the two front lines clash, swarming over each other like jackals just to get an inch closer to the stage, closer to the heart of anarchy. Without sounding too over the top, it’s the sound track to the revolution, a marching track for the disaffected youth." - SURFACE UNSIGNED ACT ROUND 1 REVIEW WE'RE STILL IN IT. KEEP VOTING FOR US!!!!!

Knowledge For Chickens (KFC)
Sean - Strings and voice, Steve - drums, and Gareth - bass got together during a jam session at the West End centre in Aldershot a few years back. Veterans of diverse bands, they honed their craft in a plethora of genres; from reggae and funk to alternative rock, indie and experimental electronica with a healthy dose of psych, prog, metal and punk influencing and informing their musical aprenticeship. They naturally created a power pop trio with a potent and driving groove and with melodic hooks that infect the listener with musical joy, much like a rush of of those fabled orgones (do they really exist, who knows). For want of a name they gave themselves the working title "Knowledge For Chickens", however un-chicken-like they might be, they do have the special knowledge and are prepared to share it with you lucky people.
Knoxx are a 5-piece rock act that run the gamut from pop-punk to glam metal. Situated in Reading and Wokingham, the band have been cutting their teeth at student parties, but have set their sights on bringing their energy, bravado and virtuosity to as many venues in the south as possible. With an air of nonchalance and sharp-witted swagger, this charmingly bratty pack of post-teens are ready to turn the heads of any crowd, be it a student house party, rural pub or city bar - the Knoxx boys can only impress.

Komodo Krimes
Komodo Krimes, A band made up of 4 attractive fella's from around Oxfordshire, formed in the winter of 2010, since then they have been playing around Henley-on-Thames and Reading in various venues and have also been featured on Gavin Harris's show on Reading 107. They're closest influences are vampire weekend, the kooks and the wombats. Please check out the Facebook page for more info

KORU are a five-piece band from south east of England. The roots of KORU can be traced back to Sep 2007 when brainchild of the band and guitarist, Behrad, being fed up with lack of decent rock bands with a fresh sound, decided to put a killer band together.
It was not as easy as first thought but after more than 15 months and 67 auditions later KORU was born in early 2009.  The name KORU is a Maori name, symbolising new life, growth, strength and peace. The name was put forward by the band’s frontman, whos homeland is New Zealand.  In just a few months KORU have written and composed many outstanding, enlightening and powerful songs and managed to achieve what many bands cannot in years. They are versatile, enthusiastic and have pure artistic accomplishment in the work they have produced so far. KORU have their own unique style in lyrics and music although classic metal influences can all be heard.
In Oct 2009 KORU started recording their self-funded debut album Medusa. The end result is an amazing 14 track album which was released on May 2010.  The birth of KORU is just the beginning. This band will unfurl and grow in strength. Keep your eyes wide open as KORU have an abundance of luxuries coming your way soon!!!!

KTS are a Female Fronted Three Piece Dance/pop/dubstep Band From Basingstoke, Hampshire. They have been going since December 09 and have played shows all over. KTS have supported bands such Pete & The Pirates, The Fortunate, The Rebs and also supported some Dj sets from Bloc Party & The Maccabiees. They have recorded three EP's over the Year and are Writing and Recording for their next release in march. One of their latest songs ' Showdown' Has been put on the 'Breakthrough album' with other talented artists to raise money for breast cancer. You can purchase this album on iTunes or Amazon or in the Basingstoke HMV.

Labasheeda was formed in Amsterdam in 2004. The band was founded by Saskia van der Giessen (guitar/violin), David Jackson (bass) and Paolo Panza (drums). In this line-up Labasheeda recorded the well received first album Charity Box (2006). In 2007, David left the band and Arne Wolfswinkel joined as a second guitarist. After a period playing as a trio, the band now has a new rhythm section consisting of Thanos Fotiadis on bass and Dyan Ramekers on drums. Labasheeda plays an honest and raw type of indie rock. They blend poppy melodies with bursts of noise, distorted violin solos with striking, expressive vocals. Their musical spectrum twists and turns, always seeking that unexpected curve in sound. The band often ventures onto foreign soil and last year toured successfully in UK and Germany. In June 2009, the band visited Canada for a 10-day tour including an appearance at the North by Northeast festival in Toronto, which was the highlight of the tour. Labasheeda have also recorded live for lots of great radio stations around the globe, including Breakthru radio from New York. They also appeared in an unplugged session invited by BBC Norwich, UK. In April 2009, Presto Chango Records released the 10”/CD A Few of a Population, which was followed in November 2009 by the 7” Circle, including three new songs. Both releases got enthusiastic reactions by press and radio in the Netherlands and by international media. The band is currently working on a new album that will be released in the spring of 2010, followed by a new UK tour.
La Mort Subite
Conjuring up images of a smoky worker's bar in Paris, a wild night-time gathering around a gypsy campfire, a drunken hungarian wedding party in the small hours and a greek taverna on a hot summer's evening, La Mort Subite takes its name from the eponymous café in Brussels. Featuring guitars, saxophone, clarinet, accordion, double bass, percussion, tambura, and even a hurdy-gurdy, there is nothing quite like a concert by this amazing five-piece band! The band La Mort Subite was formed during a continental jaunt in October 2008 by Zaránd Schuller, Dan Taylor and Nikos Pyromalis whilst sitting in the Brussels brasserie named A la Mort Subite. Upon their return to the United Kingdom they enlisted the services of Edd Keene as percussionist, and they began to practice in earnest. In fact, their very first rehearsal led to an invitation by Jack Hepplewhite of Mr Blind Pig fame to play a gig in the Oakford Social Club. Since that day they have become residents at the Global Cafe and played many gigs in Reading, London, Bristol and Bath. They also have played many private parties including several for Café Cairo. In March 2010 Edd's brother Ben Keene joined the band.
La Mort Subite are: Zaránd Schuller (accordion, tambura, vocals and hurdy-gurdy) Coming from a long line of non-conformists, Zaránd Schuller is multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and a multi instrumentalist who has been represented in international broadcast media ( MTV1, ZDF1, Duna TV) and press ( Mlada Fronta Dnes, Délmagyarország, Maidenhead Advertiser). He began his musical career as a baby, hitting saucepans with wooden spoons, then went on to playing a frying pan strung with rubber bands, eventually ending up with the hurdy-gurdy. His favourite colour is orange, and he loves anchovies. Daniel Taylor (double bass, vocals) Born in a barren oil refining community in the wilds of Scotland, and raised in the subtropics of Oceania, Daniel Taylor is something of a modern rennaissance man, with his ability to write catchy songs, cause ladies to swoon with his velvety voice, cook delicious meals, build mighty structures, make soaps and perfumes and swim for miles on end. As a child he dreamed firstly of being a dolphin, then of being action man, and finally, after hearing Disney's Best Loved Fairy Tales album, of playing double bass like Red Mitchell. He has performed and recorded with various electronic music acts. His favourite colour is blue, and his favourite natural phenomenon is the thunderstorm. Nikos Pyromalis (guitars) Somewhat of an enigma, Nikos Pyromalis was born and raised in Athens, Greece. After a stint in the Greek Army as a conscript, we think he may have joined a group of travelling gypsies who forced him to learn the guitar. We found him in an underground jazz club in Paris, and after paying a hefty ransom to the barman, we persuaded him to come to the UK where he flourished as a sound engineer and a college lecturer. His favourite colour is scarlet, and he likes shiny things. Edd Keene (drums, percussion) A successful performer in his own right as the multi-instrumentalist loop pedal artist "“The Green Man”, Edd Keene has been a member of many bands including Smudged, Burnt Lychee and Amorphous Androgynous. He’s also sessioned for Paul Weller and Oasis, and has appeared on a compilation album in Mojo magazine. His laid-back style and happy-go-lucky attitude belie his sensitive nature, and we have to be careful not to play any sad music incase he begins to weep. His wont is to collect the most saxophones in the world, and his favourite colour is green. Ben Keene (clarinet, saxophone) After a drunken rampage through the red-light district of Hamburg, we heard the strains of a plaintive melody, followed the haunting sound only to find Edd’s long-lost brother Ben Keene standing under a lamp-post with a beaten up old saxophone, his hat on the floor with only a few cents to his name. We immediately bundled him into the La Mort Subitemobile and brought him to the UK, where he runs his own business and has managed to somehow accrue a wife and several offspring. He has a propensity for the colour turquoise, and will stop at nothing for a good watermelon.

Last Three Standing
Last Three Standing are an alternative pop/punk band from Reading; they play original material drawing influences from Green Day, Blink 182 and Feeder. Last Three Standing are:Duncan Britton: guitar/vocalsPaul Anthony: bass/vocalsSteve Bennett: drums/tactical ops
Formed in 2006, the then four piece quickly built a dedicated following with impromptu gigs, living rooms shows and open showcase rehearsals. Playing a 50/50 mix of covers and originals, following the loss of one member to the classic rock fraternity (who is now immortalised on the song 'Boycey's Gone'), they quickly re-branded themselves as Last Three Standing and went the originals-only route. They released the 'Mail Order Girlfriend' EP in 2008 on Rocketboy Recordings. The band took a short sabbatical in 2009 during which time they pursued other projects, but are now back and rocking stronger than ever.
Laurence Williams
Is a professional musician who has experience of a wide varietyHe first played classical piano before developing interest in jazz,latin andpopular music in his early teens.His first band "The Ocean" became one ofOxfordshire’s most popular bands in the 1980’s before he turned his backhelped him to learn arranging skills which he would use a few later when heThese days he has just started working on a new album of popular songsperformed in a traditional jazz manner.He is also starting a record companyAs a performer he still commands respect and popularity around the mostlyinformal venues he performs at around the country and plays around two tothree nights most weeks. He also plays in popular covers band "Free 4 All" 
Set lists include:
Trad Jazz: Have You Miss Jones, These Foolish Things, Mack The Knife, Moonriver, Beyond The Sea, Yeh Yeh, Feeling Good, Come Fly With Me, Try A Little Tenderness, Take The A train (Instrumental), C-Jam Blues (Instrumental)
Jazz & Latin takes on Popular songs: A Photograph Of You, Blue Monday, Save a Prayer, Don’t Go, Ever Fallen in Love, Love Will Tear Us Apart, Light My Fire, Don’t Dream It’s Over, Souvenir
Soul,Motown,Rhythm & Blues: I Heard It thru’ The Grapevine, My Girl, In The Midnight Hour, Soul Man, Love Don’t Live Here Anymore, (Sitting on the) Dock Of The Bay, You Can’t Hurry Love, Superstition, Mustang Sally, Knock On Wood, Hard To Handle, Gimme Some Lovin’, What becomes of the Brokenhearted, Reach out (I'll Be There), Shake Your Tailfeather, Signed Sealed Delivered

Liability are a folk/punk duo who have quickly made themselves known and played with some great acts such as The Men They Couldn't Hang, MC Lars, Hobo Jones & The Junkyard Dogs, Zebrahead, David Celia and 3 Daft Monkeys to name a few. With 18 strings, quick banter and feet stomping songs between them, the band always keep the crowd going and often get a venue rocking with a crowd assisted version of Drunken Sailor

Liberty Lies
More details soon

Lindsey Kate Dolbear 
This solo artist, singer/songwriter was born in the coastal city of Plymouth in 1983. The signs were there early on that she would become a songwriter, as she began penning numbers at the age of 5! Of course her music has come a long way since then. She taught herself the guitar so that she could perform her songs, being influenced by artists such as Blondie, Janis Joplin, the Beatles, Alanis, Cat Stevens, The Dreden Dolls, Amanda Palmer and many more. At the age of 18, Lindsey moved to Reading, where she gained a BA hons degree in film and drama, but music remained her passion and she gradually created her own mini music studio in her bedroom, something she felt was vital for a serious musician with very limited funds. It's hard to pin Lindsey's music down to one specific style, as as she believes that music is a way to vent your emotions, it is a cathartic experience and therefore cannot be placed into one single category. Her songs contain elements of rock, such as in the kinky 'Get it On' and 'Attention Seeker' and splashes of a latino influence in songs such as 'Wasting My time.' In addition Lindsey has become recognised for her raw stripped down acoustic ballads such as 'Right Direction' and 'Out of Sight', a firm favorite at gigs. Lindsey has supported a number of well known bands, including Feeder, goldielookinchains and Joe Lean and the Jing Jang jong on their NME tour in Reading earlier this year. She is well known on the local Reading scene, gigging in venues such as The Purple Turtle, Walkabout, Bar Iguana, Deja Vu, The Granby, 21 South Street a, Bar 4, Global Cafe and many many other places. She has also ained recognition further afield securing gigs in places such as London (some videos shown below) and has gained radio airplay. Lindsey currently has a number of gigs lined up so please do come along and support this new
Liveo are a four piece band from Bath who play alternative rock with a punk ethos, which is beautifully implied by the storytelling leanings of frontman and 'rapper' Si and the towering chrouses lead by two lead singers. The band's energetic and heart-on-sleeve live perfomances have made Liveo an act to be seen on the gigging circuit.The full line-up came together in mid 2011, reaching the semi-finals of national competition Live & Unsigned and songs were quickly written and recorded entirely by the band themselves which lead to the release of the debut EP 'Ride Out The Waves' in September 2011. Inspired by an overall feeling of decline and chaos within a nation, the EP was met with exciting acclaim and helped the band make thier mark on the South West music scene.With the EP behind them, the band are turning a corner towards a harder, heavier and rawer sound which will be delivered with same belief and energy of all previous material - and then some.For the EP download, just go to this link:

Love Shovel
This fresh and funky 5-7 piece band have been filling dance floors in all kinds of venues up and down the UK since 2006 now. Having played a wide variety of private functions and parties, whether it be on a boat on the Thames or up a mountain in Scotland. They’re guaranteed to get to party started. With a repertoire combining the best of classic funk, soul and disco from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s with some modern hits thrown in to boot there’s something for everybody to enjoy. Using a combination of drums, bass, guitars and vocals. Loveshovels’s tight grooves are given a twist by the use of  a professional DJ for sampling and sound effects, an attribute witch has helped them win over audiences of all age groups.  Members of this young and talented group have played with and alongside Roots Manuva, Boney M and De La Soul and in the past have collectively achieved musical degrees at the Academy of Contemporary Music. The band include a professional DJ in their package who can provide music between and after sets if required, as well as full PA and lighting rig.
Luke Roberts (Pic & Biog pending)
Mae's Lost Empire
In 2009, we self-released 2 EPs and set off on tour across the UK to promote them. In September 2009 we signed to Rising Records. In March 2010 we recorded our debut album, "These Words Have Undone The World" In June 2010 we parted ways with our drummer. "These Words Have Undone The World" was released on the 27th September 2010. We now have a new drummer and are going to start touring again in 2011.

“Mahavira pull off the big, loud rock sound with absolute ease and manage to feel individual and not totally derivative” – God is in the TV
“an awful lot of twisting interplay. Jangly guitars, glissando guitars, well-played guitars all make their powerful presence felt” – The Dreaded Press
“I like the musical ambition”– Steve C-Sonic (Asian Dub Foundation)
“Love it, love it, love it”– Bobby Friction (BBC Asian Network)
Biography : Since 2007, Mahavira has established itself as one of London’s up-and-coming bands to keep an eye on. Few other groups can so accessibly piece together the complicated grooves, soaring melodies and darkly twisted tones that make up Mahavira’s repertoire. Though all men hail from different points, the three core members of Mahavira – Ed Parker of England, Jay Matharu of Ireland and Zoltan Toth of Hungary – share a common background that informs their new brand of hard rock. Each spent his formative musical years exploring the experimental sounds of the likes of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, King Crimson. Later, the burgeoning grunge rock scene would give each a new direction in which to branch out. For lead singer Parker, it would be Jeff Buckley, Robert Plant and Chris Cornell of Soundgarden fame that would hold the biggest influence. Throughout his years at university, Parker sang with Cardiff blues band “Yellow Food Fobia”, but always harkened back to these legendary singers while honing his unique vocal abilities. In Mahavira, Parker is able to add to this vocal legacy by creating his own fiercely beautiful melodies.  Matharu, the musical engine of the group, graduated from London’s Guitar Institute where he learned to channel his considerable creative and technical talents into stylistically nuanced performances of his own sonic creations. From drum and bass to progressive metal, from shock rock to pop, Matharu has been a staple of the London music scene from the day he arrived, playing with a wide variety of projects. Now at the helm of his own musical ship, his song-writing prowess and incomparable guitar skills are on full display.More recent on the London scene is bassist Toth, a Hungarian ex-pat with decades of experience. The grizzled, Morphine-esque tone Toth elicits from his rig is the result of an earlier decision to keep everything fretless. A music school graduate himself, Toth’s solidly punchy bass lines are a perfect low-end compliment to Matharu’s own intricate lines.  Together, the sound wrought by Mahavira is a powerful combination of each man’s talents. The complicated, interweaving instrumentals are tied together by Parker’s evocative lyrics – sometimes with a haunting peacefulness, sometimes with an explosive aggression that leaves the listener little choice but to shout along.  Though originally billed as a fusion blend of heavy rock and classical Indian music (thanks to the Asian heritage of Matharu and original bassist Raj Heer, who gave the band its name), Mahavira – a “Great Hero” in South and Central Asian mythology – shed the last vestiges of its world roots after a personnel shakeup in 2008. Now featuring its core members, along with a revolving cast of drummers, Mahavira is more Alice In Chains than Indian Raga.  Mahavira has enjoyed regular airplay on the BBC Asian Network’s Friction show, and can usually be found at one of a handful of London’s top rock and metal clubs - you just have to know where to look.

Are a Roots Reggae Band fronted by Faadaras (vocals) alongside Jimmy (guitar) Russel (guitar and keys) Tony (bass)\& Sam (drummer) . With changes to personel Majestic has been around since the late 7ties, inspired by and toured with Misty in Roots chilled for the whole of the 9ties and came back together in 2005 with some hired Drummers Keyboards and Guitarists,changed the name, played a few gigs found out the chemistry and the new name was not right,so we left the live shows alone got rid of the negitivity and In 2010 Faadaras made a vibecal and chemical musical link with Jimmy and from Jimmy came more good links i,e, Russel, upon finding a classy new drummer along with long serving member Tony bass, the latest incarnation of majestic was born . We are now working on our first live album and gigging regularly. 

Mariah Pariah 
Mariah Pariah are 3 brothers from Purley, who have recently reformed after a year apart, and continue to write and perform simple, but not ordinary rock music. Guitar, bass and vocal duties are shared between Dan and Alex, who swap instruments and mics between songs, often to the audience’s surprise. Meanwhile, Jack sits comfortably behind them at his drum kit, sipping Magners and trying to make it look as easy as possible. 
Mark Weller
I first learned to play the guitar aged 10 and have loved to play ever since. I've gigged with bands in the past and most recently have been writing and recording songs for a cd that should be ready very soon.
I'm currently playing in an acoustic covers duo and am based in Windsor. If you've heard my songs and are interested in working with me or you would like any help with one of your own projects. I'd love to hear from you. I'm influenced by anything with a good strong melody. From the Beatles through to Sting/Paul Weller/Tom Baxter and James Morrison.

Me & Mr B (More Details Soon)


Meet The Public
Meet The Public is a quadangle of musicians, deriving from four corners of the UK, currently based on the Isle of Wight, this Indie Rock band have nowhere to go but forward. After writing, recording, producing and releasing their debut, self titled E.P. within their first three months, the band went on to play the prestigious Isle of Wight Festival, followed by a tour of Ireland. The band now have a UK Tour in the pipeline, followed by a performance at the ever growing, Bestival, in mid September.
Taking influences from current bands such as: Kings of Leon, The Strokes, The Foo Fighters, The Temper Trap, and The Killers. Followed by Classic Indie acts such as: The Smiths, Joy Division, Blur, and The Stone Roses. You better be sure to expect catchy hooks, diverse rhythms, unforgettable lyrics and an original sound that the Indie scene has been yearning for.
Menendez formed in April 2000 and have performed and recorded material sporadically since then. They have released their most recent album "Apple For Teacher" in July 2011 on Function Records. It contains an eclectic range of songs, from knuckle-dragging caveman punk to blissful minimalist pop to dark improvised drone jams and beyond. Menendez are looking forward to performing these songs and older ones from their back catalogue at future shows, and will continue to write new songs structured around their combined interest in glacial minimalism, post-hardcore and trance-inducing repetitive riffs.

Mike Miller Jazz Trio
“Miller is a strong, improvising guitarist leader and with Roy Dalpra providing fat, bulbous notes on his five-stringed double bass, and Nick Monnas playing a stimulating rhythmic counterpoint, the joint kept swinging.................
The rhythmic counterpoint was ideal, although the main focus was, inevitably, on the guitar and Mike proved to be a consistent and constantly inventive soloist. These three know the value of integration and improvising at all times...... Long may they continue ..............................................................” DEREK ANSELL

Mike Rawecliffe

Mine Our Arc (Band Details Soon)

Misery Business
We are Misery Business- the only Paramore Tribute Band in the UK. We are available for hire for both public and priviate venues and functions. Our set includes all the hits from Paramore's first three albums, 'All We Know Is Falling', 'Riot' and 'Brand New Eyes' (see our Set List page for further details). We are all Paramore fans and experienced musicians and pride ourselves in replicating the sound and energy of the original band.

Having packed out many of the major music venues throughout the UK, the ‘Misery Business’ played at headline slot at the 2011 Glastonbudget festival to a 5,000 strong crowd. Building on their success as a tribute act, the band now perform as an original rock band, ‘Signed In Crimson’. 

“Signed In Crimson” Micki (vocals), Kyle (guitar), Ant (bass/cello) and Tim (drums) are "SIGNED IN CRIMSON". Their original music emulates a distinctive alt-rock sound, with catchy riffs and heartfelt lyrics. With the release of their first singles, "Blame On Us", “Just Maybe” and “Imposter”, Signed In Crimson have taken their first step as a new alternative UK rock band. Building on their existing fanbase and vast live experience, they are becoming stronger in both performance and reputation. Led by the powerful voice of the young and passionate Micki Consiglio, the band are working on their new EP and are set to tour the UK in 2013 to establish themselves as the new sound of British female fronted rock.

Mortdelamerstarted out in the early months of 2008 as an acoustic project between Claire Sutton and Joe Bishop. The pair played around the south including top London venues The Rock Garden and Lark in The Park and even received airplay on GWR FM and took part in a live UBER LOUD RECORDS podcast. In the summer of 2008 Claire and Joe were joined by drummer Sean Ivens and the acoustic duo turned into an electrifying 3 piece rock band with a difference.Mortdelamer began gigging quickly, just 2 weeks after their first rehearsal playing Claire's original material at first. They soon wrote their own songs and by the end of 2008 they released their self recorded and self titled EP. They entered into the Surface Unsigned competition in 2009 and shot through every heat making it all the way to the regional final where they got to play an amazing set at Bristol's O2 Academy.Whilst gigging relentlessly the trio recorded their first full length album at Gatehouse Studios throughout 2009 which they mixed themselves from home and mastered at the famous Metropolis studios. Their debut album 'THE MAN WITH TWO HEADS" is available to buy now!

"Easily one of Swindon's Best Kept Secrets, Mortdelamer have been quietly content with playing small shows, entertaining social venues and delighting fans with thier mix of wallbreaking sound and melodic lyrical content. All of a sudden, they've recorded an album, got new merchandise and ramped up the publicity. The three-peice band are individually talented to an insane degree, and yet together they make this most unstoppable force which has no signs of slowing down. Stand in thier way at your peril." ~ Tom Himself, "The Nightshift Rock Show"

Mother Corona

MOTHER CORONA were formed in late 2008 by friends David Oglesby and Lee Cressey in the small Oxfordshire town of Didcot. The bands music is a melting pot of HEAVY- DISTORTED- SLUDGED OUT RAW GROOVES, MELODIC PSYCHEDELIA AND SPACED OUT LANDSCAPES. They were joined by bass player Robert Glen that following summer. 


Mutant Zombie Foetus
"A fine way to start a night of metal" Nick Ruskell, Kerrang Magazine (live review) Formed in Reading, Berkshire at the tail end of 2007, and inspired by their love of Metal, Punk and cult 80's films, Toby Gibbons and Sam Gardner combined infectious riffs and dark humour into the beast that is Mutant Zombie Foetus.
Unleashing the EP "Patient Zero" in 2008, and adding Ed Radcliffe to the lineup, MZF quickly began to build a solid local fanbase. A DIY, no nonsense ethic saw them take the initiative, regularly gigging, and self-releasing the "Spread the infection" album. With high profile support slots with the likes of Napalm Death and Malefice, national and local press coverage and the addition of Nick Harding on drums, 2010 sees MZF take their unique sound to a wider audience. For propaganda, spin and outright lies visit 

Mystery Room (Band Details Soon)

Nancy Johnson
(More Band Details Soon)

Natalie & The Long Way Home
Originally from Taplow in Berkshire, Natalie Long started her musical career writing, singing and playing guitar in predominantly female punk/rock band Pimblico. Her teenage years were spent playing the Reading and London circuit including 'The Garage', 'The Hope and Anchor' and 'The Dublin Castle'. With a modest signing and loyal following, Pimblico had radio play on the John Peel show and The Evening Session on Radio 1. Pimblico spilt and Natalie went off to Southampton University to study music where she formed another predominantly girl pop/rock band, Chiquita. They played the Southampton university circuit and proved to be very popular with the student crowd. Since leaving university, she has maintained her image as a solo performer in her own right, session singing for various bands and veering more towards the acoustic scene, performing her original songs at venues including 'The Water Rats', 'The Sound Bar' and 'The Spice of Life'. Going back to her rock roots, Natalie completed her self released debut album 'Rock me'at the end of 2005. Signing a production and publishing deal in 2006, her music has been used for various television advertising campaigns including Dreft and the GMTV weather report sponsor. Having recorded new material at the start of this year, Natalie continues to gig regularly, joining musical forces with Mike, Pete and Matthew  (a hybrid of  bands including Frodo Fraud and the Monks of Junk) to make Natalie and the Long Way Home.

Formed in February in 2009, painstakingly detailing and creating at every corner of style and musicianship; Neksus, a death metal quartet from the suburbs of reading have been preparing a sonic onslaught for stage and record for only a short time, but promise an unbarred and unusual blend of progressive metal for all who invite it.
Robert Devereux (drums) and Sam Machin (guitars) from demised trash metal act National Chaos began writing and constantly preparing for something new with one word in mind - "brutality". only constantly hindered by the lack of metal musicians all hope seemed at an utter loss until constant internet searching came at last to a major success. Young Benny Green (bass) formerly of Faith in Redemption was recruited and immediately plunged into the aggressive and gruelling writing process, and shortly after Gavin "Gibbon" Emmett (vocals) was brought into the fold after constant recommendation. Sonically charged, fast, technical and jazz inspired drumming, added to intricate, flawless and pounding bass technicality gave the perfect canvass for imaginative soundscapes of irregular and brutal guitar wizardry, polished and finished by guttural, crushing and integral vocal talent creating a perfect basis for a metal sound un-heard and un-bound. With modern metal constantly evolving, what better time to witness the newest in line? Its going to be a crazy ride....


Nial Tompkins
Nial has been playing guitar since a young age and his love of Jazz inspired him to become a professional in his late teens. Since then he has performed in many different styles of music and has played guitar for Ola Onabule, Niamh McNally, Karen Louise, Lucie Silvas, Louise Redknapp, Damage, A1, Break Reform, Frankie Valentine, Lamya, Maiuko, Ollie James, Polly Gibbons, Marcella Detroit, David Mcalmont, Real, Katrina (ex the waves), Jung Collective, Jazz Spanky and the Sound Approach, Berkshire Youth Jazz Orchestra and many others.

Nicolette Street
New Single 'Curtain Call' now available from i-Tunes, Amazon or direct from her site shop:

Nicolette Street wrote and produced her first album while spending the majority of her time in New York a couple of years ago. She worked with musicians who had been involved with Renaissance, Madonna, Roberta Flack and the like. While in the US she gave the premier performance of the album in Foxwoods, Connetticutt. This is the US's largest Indian Reservation casino, which graced the likes of Taylor Dayne, Blondie and BB King while she performed there. 

The performance had such success that the casino immediately requested Nicolette back and a 2nd performance was schedules just 2 weeks later to the original. She moved her music career back the UK following this success choosing to focus on the UK market. In October 05 Nicolette performed live with Anastasia at Wembley having won a vocal competition being held between Sony BMG and Capital FM.

Nicolette's album 'Predicatable' is also now on release...
Order the album today and get a SIGNED copy and a bonus track for free!

"Nicotine." are a three piece punk outfit from Reading. The band got started in the summer of 2009 when guitarists Ben and Matt got the idea of forming a punk band in the style of many artist that they felt had been overlooked or underrated. They began shortly writing songs and playing together more frequently. Next they recruited drummer Adam Tibury and recorded two short demos. One called The Greed Ep the other The Noise Ep. The demo's were packaged with A4 paper and distributed to friends, promoters and anyone else who'd listen. Nicotine's first gig was in November with Wicked Boy productions at the Face Bar and they have since gone to play a few more. Nicotine's style of playing involves heavy use of feedback and distortion and is energetic, chaotic, loud but never boring.

James and Simon have been jamming together for the past five years, on and off, but nothing has ever progressed further than jamming in a small room. James has been in many bands, and has always been on the look out for a drummer to complete the band line up. He found that drummer in young Alex Kershaw. Now with the perfect line up, Noisewater are ready to take the music scene for a loud and experimental ride...

No Longer Bandits  are 4 friends (John, David, James & Jamie) from the slums of Marlow and surrounding shanties. They hope to leave their mark on the music scene with intelligent instrumentation grouped with blistering rhythm and soaring, catchy melodies. The band hope to showcase this to as many people as possible over the next year or so. Join them on their journey.


Nominees are an Oxford based rock band established in the Summer of 2008. The band have set to speading their music around the music scene of Oxford, playing such venues as the 02 Academy supporting The Days and the Jericho Tavern supporting 'Orange Unsigned' runners up The Scarlet Harlots. Soon we aim to be kicking off on a 'mini-tour' of the finest watering holes that our fine nations Universities have to offer. See you down the front!!
Ladies and gentlemen... From the city of the dreaming spires The Nominees take the reigns as they put us back on the track of rock and roll. The devastating guitar licks peal back the airwaves and get right under your skin, the way a poison would. The songs have a strong rock vibe, but the vocals/lyrics have a more subdued influence that blends the two contrasting styles perfectly. A mesh of light and dark, like the night fighting the day there can be no clear winner, only everything in its right place for The Nominees who nail their sound to the wall of the stage… it’s not going anywhere. David Couchman - SURFACE UNSIGNED 
 I  am now a true Nominees fan - they did it for me Phil - MIDDLETON MUSIC FESTIVAL
Strangely appear to be a happy version of Interpol... with heaps of The Beatles... Arctic Monkeys are in here for sure...all the beats are well defined and the melody is catchy as hell...
NIRVANA! The band redefined the sound of rock music and went on to become one of the most successful and influential bands of all time. "NOVANA” the "Ultimate Nirvana Experience” is an incredible re-creation of the rock band NIRVANA which emulates Kurt Cobain and the group at the height of their popularity, and clearly demonstrates what a ferocious live force they were.The UK's ONLY tribute to 90's Super Band Nirvana!

For those of us who never got the chance to see the raw exciting power of Nirvana before the tragic loss of Kurt Cobain, We have Novana. About the closest you could ever wish to come to seeing Nirvana themselves. With the Raw power and energy, Novana make Historty come to life. Complete with all the looks, outfits, stage theatrics and sound... NOVANA gives you a high energy simulation of being at a Live Nirvana concert. NOVANA is the only Nirvana Experience in the UK today! NOVANA plays songs from all stages of Nirvana's career, and includes songs off every major recording, plus many lesser known bootlegs, imports, and rarities. When fans experience a NOVANA show, they'll find themselves singing, jumping and enjoying all the great Nirvana anthems..."Come as you are" , "Smells like Teen Spirit", "All Apologies" , "Lithium" , “Heart Shaped Box“ , "In Bloom" and many more.... The heavier side of the band is explored with songs like "Dive", "Blew", "School", "Negative Creep", "D7" and "Tourette's", and there are over 50 songs on their playlist.

James, Rob & Sam have played together in successful original bands for over 5 years before starting NOVANA, developing their stage experience touring majority of the countries Premier live venues. Having only started doing this tribute in late 2010, NOVANA has already received critical acclaim from venues, promoters, press, other bands, and most important of all, from tNirvana fans. Witness a live Nirvana event with NOVANA and you'll see it's not just a concert - it's an experience.

Combining the raw, no frills sound of early 90’s alternative rock with melancholy lyrics and haunting melodies, Nymph shows are raucous and passionate leaving the audience in a feedback induced trance.

The band, who are in their early 20’s, got together at the start of 2011 and consists of Simon Stark (Guitar, Vocals), Rich Leeds (Bass, Backing Vocals) and Andrew Thompson (Drums). They are to release their eagerly awaited first single soon. Stay tuned.

"My work was not designed to meet the taste of the immediate public, but was designed to last forever". - Thucydides. Nyogtha formed in Reading, Berkshire at the end of 2007, with the aim of twisting various traditions of extreme art intoa coherant whole. Establishing a reputation for intense, hallacinogenic performances at various local and regional venues, it soon became clear that Nyogtha had chosen to travel the lesser trodden path of human experience. having now released the three track "Hymns to The Astral Plane" as a CD and download, Nyogtha are set to suck your soul into an endless black void."
Octopus Metropolis
Octopus Metropolis is a new, young band from the Camberley/Wokingham area. We combine funk rhythms with blues, rock and indie sounds.
Oil On Canvas Band
Oil On Canvas are a multicultural 4 piece pop rock band based in London. They are made up of vocalist Rob, guitarist Rafael, bassist Tommy and drummer Jay. The band can be traced back to 2006 with their self-released self-titled debut album Oil On Canvas. This alternative rock album was met with encouraging reviews from national music magazines, acknowledging the musicianship such as Rafael's beautiful guitar work in the instrumental Chama-Me. But it did not meet with the commercial success the band was hoping for.
A tough time of decision making lead the band to write more radio friendly anthemic rock tunes that appeared on the three song 2007 EP release recorded at Metropolis Studios, London. With the help of Rob's vocals powering over the new songs like Game On and exciting live shows, a loyal following was building and word spread across England's capital of an exciting new group. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the performances were the new “get up and dance” songs.  They returned to Metropolis to record their second EP in the summer of 2008. The furthering evolution of the band now emphasised on the feel good factor and Jay's up-beat rhythms. It was also the first time Tommy exhibited his trumpet playing in House Of Cards. They continued with great gigs attracting more excited fans at well known venues across London.  2009 continued with shows across the country. Their debut single Wild Strawberries will be released soon. European tours and soundtracks are also in the works.
Ok Correl are a 5 piece Indie/Rock band from the Basingstoke and Whitchurch area, they formed in late 2009 and have been writing and performing their melodic upbeat tunes ever since. In February they recorded their first track 'Chestnut.' This has been well received by fans and new listeners alike. They have played on stage with the likes of The Fortunate and KTS in various venues around Hampshire and promise an upbeat enjoyable performance.

Okto are a four piece alternative band hailing from Telford, but based around the UK. They have been around since 2006 with many line up changes and following a two year split in 2009, they are now back better than ever. Looking to record all new material and heading to a town near you, Okto's original, foot tapping, arse shaking, fist waving music will be hitting eardrums within your radius at some point in the next year.
"Perfect stuff to shake your head/ass to, and even mosh to" - Cuba Libre
"The guitar to 'Persistence Of Memory' sounds legend!!" - The Outline
Bands we've shared the stage with: Damaged Gods, Third Eye, Bayonet, Mezzatonic, Diamond Lil, The Knights, Fuck Buddy, Stonestreet & Mr. Sportsman.

Oslo Swan
Biog pending
Otis B Driftwood

Paper Boats
Paper Boats are an exciting new 4 piece Indie/Dreampop band from Surrey, with influences such as Wild Nothing, Craft Spells, The Smiths and The Cure they collaborate a retro 80's style guitar tone with punchy contemporary beats. Paper Boats are: Grant Williams (Guitar and voice) Tristan Fisher (Guitar and voice) Rupert Harvey (Drums) and Jason Wood (Bass) - After playing a few small shows around the South-East Paper Boats have picked up a good following of all ages and scenes and provide a consistent positive vibe to their shows. With their new E.P in the mix, exciting things are still yet to come from Paper Boats.

Paul Andrew Ullyses Lamb
P-A-U-L & The Harper Woods Heroes
People will always yabber on incessantly about Delta blues and Chicago blues, and yet will often neglect Detroit blues. This is odd, because few cities have suffered, really and truly felt pain, like the Motor City. Remember when John Lee Hooker sang about how the Motor City’s Burnin’? He wasn’t posturing. Paul Andrew Ulysses Lamb, as those initials represent, is following in the grand tradition of expressing life’s tortuous events through his own blues-rock music. Born and raised on the streets of Harper Woods, an east side community in Detroit, Lamb’s life was forever changed when his father bought him a Jimi Hendrix album as a birthday gift. Jimi’s expressive vocal delivery and exquisite guitar playing planted a seed in Lamb’s head that would, before too long, grow into a big old blues-rock rubber plant. The young Lamb would soon be soaking up the influences of the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bob Seger, Johnny Cash and Johnny Winter.
When he was done with the mundane trials of high school, Lamb caught a bus to Hollywood. La-La Land was getting much of the musical press at that period of time, so it was only natural that a man with his sights set on following in the footsteps of his musical heroes would set out to break the City of Angels. While in Los Angeles, Lamb would allow himself to be educated (and perhaps a little corrupted) by some of the West Coast’s most notorious rockers.  Having partaken in every excess that L.A. has to offer while at the same time honing his soulful rock voice and guitar skills, Lamb picked up his trusty axe and hit the road, a road upon which he made himself at home. In the mid-nineties, P-A-U-L fronted the Glory Revival, an eight-piece Phoenix, Arizona band. Lamb wrote and produced all of the band’s material, and they would soon get signed and record two albums in Lamb’s hometown of Detroit.  While the Glory Revival received rave reviews in the press, they wouldn’t go on to hit the heights that many predicted. Still, they had a hell of a time trying, and Lamb received some more invaluable musical education. While back in Detroit, P-A-U-L began playing regularly with the Ethan Daniel Davidson 5 and Detroit Red Wing Darren McCarty’s Grinder. Around that time, Lamb formed his own band, P-A-U-L & the Harper Woods Heroes, and 2007 saw the release of his debut solo album Hangin’ On For Dear Life. That album featured some of the Motor City’s finest talent, including producer and drummer Eric Hoegemeyer (Gold Cash Gold, Crud, Giant Brain, Deep See Sound System), guitarist Phil Durr (Big Chief, Giant Brain, Luder) and Hammond organ man Charles ‘the Professor’ Weldon Hughes (the Ethan Daniel Davidson 5). The songs, including the pile-driving opener “You Pulled the Trigger”, the hypnotic “Platinum Blonde Jesus” and the simply beautiful “Monique” were very obviously the results of P-A-U-L ripping his heart open and presenting it in a recording studio. The subsequent tours of the USA and Europe would help spread P-A-U-L’s name across the globe, his touring band often including the talents of Detroit bass maestro Paul Randolph (George Clinton, Jazzanova).
P-A-U-L’s sophomore release, Gunshot Lullaby saw the light of day in 2009. The record saw Lamb once again teaming up with partner in grime Eric Hoegemeyer to produce at Rustbelt Studios, with Rustbelt owner and legendary producer Al Sutton (Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker) providing the final mixes. The record was recorded live at Rustbelt, the band consisting of Lamb, Hoegemeyer, Paul Randolph and Charles Weldon Hughes.  Two years on from his debut release, Lamb has obviously learned a lot. Gunshot Lullaby manages to sound simultaneously more mature and yet still blessed with the energy of that kid that first stared at the Hendrix album cover in awe while soaking up the licks. In other words, somehow P-A-U-L’s music is maturing without getting old.  The songs are as stunning as anything on Gunshot Lullaby’s predecessor, which is no small complement. The title track couldn’t be more perfectly titled; the song has the simple lyrical structure of a children’s rhyme, and yet it aims straight for the heart and hits it’s target. “Our Bullets Will Be Fairy Tales” is a straight-ahead, balls-out rocker, while “Detroit Is On Fire” is a respectful nod to homeboy John Lee Hooker. The album that Classic Rock Magazine (UK) called “fresh, streetwise and exciting” captured exactly where Lamb was in his life that year, and it continued to expand his ever-blossoming fan base.  P-A-U-L and his band, which currently features Layla Hall on drums / backing vocals and Joey Spina on bass, spent the rest of 2009 supporting blues-rock legend Walter Trout in the UK and touring with Joanne Shaw Taylor. This summer, he’s playing the legendary Glastonbury Festival in England, and he plans to hit the studio t record his third album later in the year. No matter what the Chinese say, 2010 is the year of the Lamb. For more info:
Paula Curtis
Paula has only been playing the guitar for four and a half years and writing her own songs for around four. Although she'd been singing her whole life she hadn't performed in public for over ten years but decided to get back into it after the birth of her second baby. Her music has been described as acoustic folk/country and every song tells a story about Paula's own life experiences. Some good experiences, some not so good but all interesting! She manages a catchy tune every time with some heartfelt lyrics.
Well worth a listen.

Pauly Zarb


Peerless Pirates
Peerless Pirates are:
Cliff Adams – Voice, Guitar
Richard Voyce – Guitar, Voice
Stuart Green – Bass, Voice
Barry Short – Drums, Voice
 Peerless Pirates hail from middle England – somewhere between The Cotswolds and The M4 corridor should cover it - but nowhere near the coast surprisingly. Their sound is a marriage of energetic, up tempo, guitar driven songs with lyrics inspired by the everyday tinged with splashes of history and naughtiness.
They began tentatively in the summer of 2008 and went on to perform many gigs around Oxford and London to much critical acclaim. Several glowing reviews followed of both their live performances and their songs. The band played live acoustic radio slots for both Recharged Radio in London and for BBC Introducing Radio Berkshire. Their songs were also featured on BBC Introducing Radio Oxford and Wiltshire – Quite a level of success for a band that had only just arrived on the scene. There then followed a change in personnel in September 2009 which saw the band taking an extended hiatus whilst their house was put back in order. The Pirates are now back with some of the continued favourites and much new material in the pipeline and are looking forward to heading into the studio to record a new EP. The band hope that 2011 is the year that that their X was put back on the map.


Pharaoh is a four-piece rock and roll band based in the Reading area. Our formation dates back to September 2010 in the time since we have played numerous shows around Reading and London, recorded our first e.p. and developed our sound. Having recently consolidated our line up with the addition of bassist Jake we are currently in the process of recording our first full length release which should be ready by January 2012.
We are a group of highly motivated individuals dedicated to putting on high energy shows and producing challenging original music. Throughout 2012 we hope to gig further a field and create and release as much music as possible.
Pharaoh Are: John – Vocals, James ­ Drums & Vocals, Jake – Bass & Matt – Guitar

Pilots are James Alder on lead guitar, Jorge Simpson on bass, Robina Veda on vocals and Timmy John on drums. The first two songs are by Jorge Simpson and Robina. The rest are recordings done with original 'pilot' Andy Brewer. Additions of live drums and bass have made the whole sound dynamic evolve and recording will commence in late 2010. Live performances to be announced..
Rochelle Parker - Vocals
Emily-Jayne Brookes - Drums / Guitars
Danny Bash - Keys / Guitars / Vocals
Dave Fox - Bass
Graham Peel - Guitars
Formed in October 2009, Platinum are a modern 5 piece function band from Berkshire! There is sure to be something to please everyones ears with a set that includes artists such as Madonna, The Beatles, Lady Gaga, Kings Of Leon, Girls Aloud, Katy Perry, Ac/Dc, Shania Twain, Pixie Lott, Pink, No Doubt, Bryan Adams, and many more!! Platinum are available for parties, weddings, clubs, pubs, bars, corporate functions, or whatever your requirments are!! We deliver a high energy, professional performance that you wont be dissapointed with! 

Poplar Jake
Poplar Jake's musical journey began with the blues. As a teenager, he was the kid who held up the queue of Saturday record buyers while a dubious assistant searched for re-pressings of ancient discs by long-dead black guys with the most unlikely names; Big Bill Broonzy, Elmore James, Howlin' Wolf...boy's gotta be kidding, right?

Several years, various musical detours and not a few adventures later, Poplar Jake is right back where he started: deep in the blues. Only this time, he's taking it out to a newly-discovered, willing audience. And it's working. Little by little, blues lovers across the country are waking up to what "ol' Poplar" is putting down. In the North of England, he's opened for Mitch Laddie and attracted a following of his own. In his own neighbourhood, younger musicians press him for tips. In Holland, he strode onstage at the Crossed Guitars Festival in front of a crowd demanding blistering hard rock...and tore the roof off with his own blend of old school blues. His debut CD, "Ridin' The Blinds", shows how "that old stuff" can still be fresh and exciting, with several radio stations asking for a copy before it was even pressed. But that's just a taster. The live act continues apace, and there's a full-length album on the cards. And no. The boy weren't kidding.
Precilla Broke
We are a 5 piece band based in Woking/Guildford Terence O'Donoghue (Vocals), Sam Gosheron (Drums), LLoyd Tranter (Guitar), Adam Walton (Bass) And Chris Myers (Guitar) and we combine Heavy beats with melodic vocal lines and progressive but still catchy guitar lines, with the help of live laptop samples.
We formed in February 2009 as a 3 peice band and starting writing and recording. Played our first gig at the Kingston Peel with Forever Wednesday and LYU. We made as ep called Choose Your Assassin which can be downloaded for free off our myspace or facebook page :  / Facebook search 'Precilla Broke'
In summer 2009 we gained a new guitarist LLoyd Tranter and became a 4 Piece.Unfortunately at the end of 2009 we came to the decision to part ways with our old guitarist due to musical differences and form a new line up. Chris Myers and Adam Walton Joined to complete the lineup as a 5 piece band which we were all soo exited about as we had been pretty limited before. Now with the new full lineup we have a new myspace, new songs and a pretty new sound. This year for us is about gigging as much as we can and trying to make a name for ourselves aswell as writing plenty of new material to keep everyone on their toes. 
 Primate Primate formed in 2008 in Hampshire, England. Simon Martin, Robert Grieve, Paul Edney and Colin Hinks united to form a band that would very quickly produce an eclectic array of songs taking influence from a combination of genres including indie, rock and, funk. The delicious-sounding melodies  with thought-provoking lyrics on topics as diverse as war, peace, love, hate, fear, betrayal, integrity and remembrance. All of this has been captured and encapsulated on the band’s debut album ‘No Means of Escape’ which was released at the end of 2009.Primate have had a busy 2010 already, with many new songs written and continue to pursue regular live perfomances.
Projekt are a 4-piece northern rocknroll band all based in London. They played their first gig in January 2009 and haven’t stopped since, causing waves on the London circuit aswell as all over the country playing venues such as Monto Water Rats, Proud Galleries, O2 Academy, The Dublin Castle, 93 Feet East and at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool. Aswell as playing all of these great venues the band's mammoth debut year saw them being named as 'artist of the week' on BBC Introducing London Radio. The band also released their first single 'Ocean Passage' in December as a free download and much to the lads surprise reached the top spot in the chart and stayed there for 4 weeks! Projekt release their second single entitled 'The Compass' out on May 4th 2010 available from I Tunes and on CD with copies being sold by the band themselves.
Catch them before they go Global! Some kind comments... 
'This unsigned 4 piece play 'rocknroll music for rocknroll people' and do it with a punky sneer and Bunnymen-style dynamics.'  London Calling, BBC Introducing, London Radio - Dec 2009
'Personally 'Desert Storm' is the best thing I've heard in ages.'
Will Cantopher, BBC Introducing - Nov 2009
'Tracks like "The Future" start with the mesmerizing gravelly depths of Powell's voice before climaxing into a philosophical and rousing chorus from the other lads. Riffs created during jamming sessions define the tunes with a truly Projekt sounding character. Anthems are what this band do best and this being the case they have developed quite a following in a relatively short space of time.' - Aug 2009