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Sarah Jamina
Sarah Jamina is a singer/songwriter from Reading.
She has been singing for most of her young life and is now developing her original songwriting skills and teaching herself to play the keyboards. Never at a loss for something to say, Sarah is able to express herself  through song and has an emotional insight and maturity well beyond her 14 years.

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Sarah has recently recorded two of her original songs 'Superman' & 'Not Easy' with the acclaimed record producer Stuart Epps. Her first single 'Not Easy' now realeased online and available for download on

Sazz/BBC News Article Friday 20th May 2011

Sazz /BBC Radio Berkshire Live Interview Friday 20th May 2011 with Phil Kennedy 33mins into show


Carl Komuro
Formerly lead singer with Avatar Original, Carl Komuro is striking out on his own with his own brand of haunting, melodic & brooding solo acoustic music.
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Pics by Lucy Smith & DSP

Carl's new 2 track EP 'Uninvited' now available for Digital Download from:

Random Jam
Explore the possibilities.... Jazz Dub Fusion to Melodic & Mellow
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Random Jam is an improvised music project made up of  selected musicians brought together in a variety of line up combinations  by Bev to explore the possibilities

New recording available for digital download soon..

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Valley Of The Dolls  NO SHAME album available now on:

Album Review:
Rob F Published 10-04-2011
Review: Valley Of The Dolls - No Shame (Dancing Stick Productions)
Named after Jacqueline Susann’s famous novel about three young women finding fame, fortune and ultimately drug-fueled self-destruction, I’m sure the four women who comprise Valley Of The Dolls - Jill Myhill (lyrics and vocals), Bev de Schoolmeester (bass and backing vocals), Ayala Liran (guitar), Vasoulla Antoniadou (drums) - would settle for the first two out of the three. Their debut album, “No Shame” marks a promising start.

Their alt. rock stylings nod respectfully to a number of bands, from The Runaways and Blackhearts to post-punkers like The Slits and The Go-Go’s. Indeed there’s even a hint of Belinda Carlisle’s power-pop pitch in Myhill’s voice, especially on the more immediate, radio friendly material. Not that there’s much here that going to cause the average radio programmer many problems. Myhill’s songs are accessible and fresh, and the band provides plentiful hooks for the listener. The title track has become an instant favourite, its insistent bass line and Liran’s guitar swoops providing maximum thrills. They’re just as good when they’re slowing things down on “Shake Some Action” (not the Groovies song) or the refined “Touch The Water”.

Rob F. Posted by Bangs at 14:08:00