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Dancing Stick Productions Presents
SAT 28th & SUN 29th Sept

Please do enjoy the music we planned for the event on this site page & we will update you on the Farnham Live Festival Status for 2015

Farnham Live 2013
SAT 28th Sept 
Carl Komuro ONSTAGE 2pm
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Formerly lead singer with Avatar Original, Carl Komuro is striking out on his own with his own brand of haunting, melodic & brooding solo acoustic music.!/carlkomuro?sk=info
Pics by Lucy Smith & DSP
Carl's new 2 track EP 'Uninvited' now available for Digital Download from:

Trio Spongo ONSTAGE 3pm
On a hot summers night in July 2007 Rich Robinson and Jym Plumer received yet more shocking news that yet another band had pulled out of the mini festival that they and a few other friends were organizing. The 'if you book them they will come' attitude may have worked for Wayne and Garth but had certainly backfired for these two. With only 3 bands confirmed and just 4 days to go until the start of LODGESTOCK there was no other option but to form a band! So getting in Lewis Wright to play bass, Rich Robinson on guitar & vocals and Jym Plumer playing drums the beginnings of TRIO SPONGO were in place. Two practices later they had a list of 10 songs to play at LODGESTOCK. They have since recorded their debut album, 26 Acres, and recently played live at Jagz in Ascot to celebrate their first birthday to one of their biggest audiences to date. 

Brodie TBC  - ONSTAGE 4pm 
(More details soon)

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Naive & Radioactive - Live Cover Version by Sarah + Mani (Cover Kicks)
Sarah and Mani performing at Ploughfest June 29th 2013:Naive - The Kooks & Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
Cover Kicks tbc 

Mariah Pariah Onstage 6pm
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Mariah Pariah are 3 brothers from Purley, who have recently reformed after a year apart, and continue to write and perform simple, but not ordinary rock music. Guitar, bass and vocal duties are shared between Dan and Alex, who swap instruments and mics between songs, often to the audience’s surprise. Meanwhile, Jack sits comfortably behind them at his drum kit, sipping Magners and trying to make it look as easy as possible. 

Komodo Krimes ONSTAGE 7pm
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Komodo Krimes, A band made up of 4 attractive fella's from around Oxfordshire, formed in the winter of 2010, since then they have been playing around Henley-on-Thames and Reading in various venues and have also been featured on Gavin Harris's show on Reading 107. They're closest influences are Vampire Weekend, The Kooks and The Wombats. 
Please check out the Facebook page for more info:

Juicy Comets ONSTAGE 8pm
After some years grazing various musical pastures, Juicy Comets found themselves in the same room about a year ago and are ready to share the results with the world! Juicy Comets (Darren Roberts on guitar and vocals, Dan Molloy on guitar, Gavin Rolfe on Bass and Alex Pascoe on Drums) already have a headline BBC Introducing gig under there belts and are currently recording there debut EP and taking their own brand of indie/rock on the road. 

Nicolette Street ONSTAGE 9pm
New Single 'Curtain Call' now available from i-Tunes, Amazon or direct from her site shop:
Nicolette Street wrote and produced her first album while spending the majority of her time in New York a couple of years ago. She worked with musicians who had been involved with Renaissance, Madonna, Roberta Flack and the like. While in the US she gave the premier performance of the album in Foxwoods, Connetticutt. This is the US's largest Indian Reservation casino, which graced the likes of Taylor Dayne, Blondie and BB King while she performed there. The performance had such success that the casino immediately requested Nicolette back and a 2nd performance was schedules just 2 weeks later to the original. She moved her music career back the UK following this success choosing to focus on the UK market. In October 05 Nicolette performed live with Anastasia at Wembley having won a vocal competition being held between Sony BMG and Capital FM.

Nicolette's album 'Predicatable' is also now on release... Order the album today and get a SIGNED copy and a bonus track for free!

Saturday's Headline Act
“Misery Business – Paramore Tribute”  SPECIAL APPEARANCE
Formed in 2010, ‘Misery Business’ are the ultimate tribute to Paramore playing all the hits from the band’s four albums. With the awesome vocal talents of Micki Consiglio as Hayley Williams, ‘Misery Business’ replicate both the sound and the energy of the original band to deliver a powerful live performance. 

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Having packed out many of the major music venues throughout the UK, the ‘Misery Business’ played at headline slot at the 2011 Glastonbudget festival to a 5,000 strong crowd. Building on their success as a tribute act, the band now perform as an original rock band, ‘Signed In Crimson’. 

As a special Treat for Farnham Live 2013, Signed in Crimson will also play a couple of their own original songs as part of their set.

“Signed In Crimson” Micki (vocals), Kyle (guitar), Ant (bass/cello) and Tim (drums) are "SIGNED IN CRIMSON". Their original music emulates a distinctive alt-rock sound, with catchy riffs and heartfelt lyrics. With the release of their first singles, "Blame On Us", “Just Maybe” and “Imposter”, Signed In Crimson have taken their first step as a new alternative UK rock band. Building on their existing fanbase and vast live experience, they are becoming stronger in both performance and reputation. Led by the powerful voice of the young and passionate Micki Consiglio, the band are working on their new EP and are set to tour the UK in 2013 to establish themselves as the new sound of British female fronted rock.

SUN 29th Sept
Caroline Turner-Gould ONSTAGE 2pm
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Sam Brett ONSTAGE 3pm
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Judy Vaughan ONSTAGE 4pm
The charismatic Judy Vaughan is a vocal talent who can light up a stage. 

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She flows with jazz and blues, her musical inspiration and experience coming from performing a wide range of musical genres such as Gospel, Blues,Jazz, Soul and Operetta. Judy’s first love is to perform live music; working with jazz and blues bands for some functions, performing in musical extravaganzas, musical theatre productions, pantomimes, choirs, and ensembles. Leading roles in productions of Raffles of Singapore, Showboat, Chicago, Hot Mikado and Stepping Out- The Musical brought huge but wonderful challenges of ‘music in character’. Judy played the role of ‘Jellahay’ in the UK premiere of Raffles of Singapore last year,‘Queenie’ in Showboat, ‘June’ in Chicago, ‘Pitti-Sing’ in Hot Mikado and ‘Rose’ in Stepping Out - The Musical. The reviews Judy received for some of these shows were ‘… a powerful performance equal to many of the professional productions.’  ‘…. a lovely stage presence …’ and ‘This young lady had everything. I don’t think I have ever seen this part played better.’ It has been a busy time for Judy performing either as a solo artist or with a band for functions and special events around the country. 

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Naive & Radioactive - Live Cover Version by Sarah + Mani (Cover Kicks)
Sarah and Mani performing at Ploughfest 29th June 2013 :Naive - The Kooks & Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
Cover Kicks tbc 

Majestics ONSTAGE 6pm
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Are a Roots Reggae Band fronted by Faadaras (vocals) alongside Jimmy (guitar) Russel (guitar and keys) Tony (bass)\& Sam (drummer) . With changes to personel Majestic has been around since the late 7ties, inspired by and toured with Misty in Roots chilled for the whole of the 9ties and came back together in 2005 with some hired Drummers Keyboards and Guitarists,changed the name, played a few gigs found out the chemistry and the new name was not right,so we left the live shows alone got rid of the negitivity and In 2010 Faadaras made a vibecal and chemical musical link with Jimmy and from Jimmy came more good links i,e, Russel, upon finding a classy new drummer along with long serving member Tony bass, the latest incarnation of majestic was born . We are now working on our first live album and gigging regularly.

Juliet Gough ONSTAGE 7pm
New single: Rays Around the Sun
Ng Intermusic / Bonnier AmigoVisit Juliet Gough’s single “Rays Around the Sun”, from her debut album of the same name, is released for the first time in Britain. The single stayed in massive rotation for almost a year on Danish national radio, and is now spearheading her forage into England where Juliet has family roots. The album “Rays Around the Sun” is produced by two seasoned veterans considered at the forefront of their respective genres in Denmark: gospel legend, Marie Carmen Koppel and the renowned blues organist Dan Hemmer. Together with Juliet’s spirited voice, the sound brings together the warmth of Midwestern Americana with the serene melancholy of the Scandinavian highlands, combining the exalted celebration of gospel with the soulful longing of blues.Juliet puts a twist on the singer/songwriter tradition, making music that’s easily accessible, catchy and could easily be mistaken for pop songs at first exposure, yet reveals astounding depth at repeated listening. 

The Black Hats ONSTAGE 8pm
"Moddish urchins in the mould of The Jam and The Who, they’re strident enough to fit in at a punk party, but with songs like ‘Just Fall’ and ‘We Write Things Down’, they’re anthemic yob-savants of pop’s highest order." -Nightshift Music Magazine

"In true 'Hats style', both tracks display punk energy in spades, bags of melody, shouty bits (of course) and highly impressive production work." - Tunnels single review.

-Oxfordshire Music Magazine"‘Magnets’ is the sound of a band growing in confidence and ambition. This is grand, energetic and tune-filled rock, made by musicians who are supremely committed and are finding both their voice and their space."

 "The vocal harmonies in particular are effortlessly magnificent while the lead guitar has that Britpop trick of threatening overblown soloing histrionics but always pulling back at the last minute, letting the song breathe and breathing more life into the song. Top stuff." 

"The band have clearly honed their sound over the past couple of years, and with ‘Tunnels’ it feels like they’re a band completely comfortable with their own abilities – nothing is overdone, but each part is impressive nonetheless. They swerve from Interpol-based hugeness to Blood Red Shoes style riffery without it sounding contrived – a massive feat." -Sam King, Oxford Music Blog 

The Stylettes ONSTAGE 9pm
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"Formed by the backbone of popular originals band ‘Brassneck’ we now give you…….’The Stylettes’, a 50’s / 60’s rock ‘n’ roll and beat group function band. With the girls in 60’s dresses and the boys in sharp suits and skinny ties, ‘The Stylettes’ are the epitome of 1960's cool and combine great rock ‘n’ roll with the 60’s girl group garage sound. The Surrey and Hampshire based bands playlist includes authentic raucous 50’s rock ‘n’ roll through to soaring melodic girl group classics, prom-sweetheart ballads and some up-to-date tracks given a 50s/60s flavour. ‘The Stylettes’ combine 3 great vocal talents with an epic sounding backing band. Band members use the highest quality professional backline equipment, and a professional PA and lighting rig. With the newly launched ‘Stylettes’ website the band are now available for events and parties around the UK in 2011 / 2012 and ‘The Stylettes’ are guaranteed to have you dancing all night."

Sunday's Headline Act ONSTAGE 10pm