Showcasing Homegrown Talent - Company Message
As you know we've been working very hard on your behalf to offer gig dates to as many of our featured acts as possible. 
Most of the gigs to date have gone really well due to your reliability, eagerness to perform, promoting yourselves and by good communication with us about any issues that have arisen in relation to the dates we have offered you.
We do not produce written contracts when booking original and/or cover acts onto our general gig circuit, but we do have some basic TERMS & CONDITIONS.
All bands or solo artistes  must adhere to the following TERMS & CONDITIONS if you want us to offer you gigs.
 Dancing Stick Productions (DSP)
  • We will endeavour to find gigs for our featured bands or solo artistes at the venues we currently schedule for. We will endeavour to expand our range of venues over time.
  • We will endeavour to get the best deal we can for bands or solo artistes at each venue on our gig circuit (This is also dependent on the individual booking policies of each venue i.e. some venues do not pay any fees for original acts but may ask us to re-book on a paid night if the featured band or solo artiste brings a good crowd for example)
  • We charge a standard 10% commission from bands or solo artistes for booking them onto paid gigs.
  • You can also register your cover band or solo artiste for paid function work via the Functions & Corporate Gigs page of our site. Monthly registration fee applies.
  • We will communicate with you either by phone, text and/or email with gig offers, confirmations, date changes, line up changes or cancellations.
  • If we do not receive confirmation of a gig offer from you within 48 hours, we will start offering the gig to another band or solo artiste  (Please get back to us quickly with your confirmation of gig dates to avoid disappointment)
  • We will confirm dates with you by email so you have a written record of the gig offer and related details of the venue, fee (if applicable), set up and performance times.
  • We cannot be held responsible for gigs cancelled by venues.(We agree terms with individual venues before we start scheduling for them,  however  venues sometimes change their scheduling requirements and may unfortunately cancel dates from time to time. We will endeavour to offer you an alternative date if a gig is cancelled).
  • If you are required to bring additional equipment to a venue (i.e. PA, mics & stands etc.), we will discuss this with you prior to the booking.
  • We do not usually handle any fee payments made by venues directly to bands or solo artistes for gigs scheduled via Dancing Stick Productions.
  • Fee payments are normally paid directly by venues where applicable, the payment details will have been stated at the time of our gig confirmation with you and will have been agreed in advance with the venue prior to booking.
  • It is your responsibility to collect your fees on the night of your gig (unless otherwise stated in your confirmation email)
  • We cannot be held responsible for any non-payment of fees. If this occurs, please contact me immediately and I will endeavour to speak to the venue owner/manager on your behalf about any dispute or non payment. Dancing Stick Productions cannot guarantee resolution of any payment and/or other disputes with venues.
  • For block scheduling & bookings DSP have written contracts with specific venues and invoice them for payment usually on a monthly basis. If you are booked at one of DSP's contract venues, your fee will be paid to you direct via DSP
  • Bands or Solo Artistes are responsible for paying their own income tax on any earnings from any paid work procured for them by Dancing Stick Productions.
  • We promote all our gigs mainly via our official websites:
Twitter: @DancingStick
... as well as through two main local & national gig search sites: 
Currently: and
  • We  display and distribute professional flyers and posters for some of the venues on our gig circuit (Only if venues order these from us or produce their own).
  • We will also endeavour to get radio, media and press interest for featured bands or solo artistes who we have booked to perform on our gig circuit wherever possible so you may also be asked to attend press and/or radio interviews associated with your booking/s. 

Our Expectations of
Bands or Solo Artistes
  • Once you have a gig offer from us, we need bands or solo artistes  to confirm the gigs within 48 hours by email so we have a written record of the gig confirmation.
  • Once you have confirmed a gig date with DSP,  you MUST NOT book another gig in close proximity to the venue you have been confirmed to perform at or perform at another venue in the same locality (unless it covers a fairly large area), within 1 month either side of your confirmed gig date with Dancing Stick Productions. This is to encourage your friends and following to attend the gig/s that DSP have scheduled you for.
  • We expect a minimum of 2 weeks notice if you need to cancel a gig you have confirmed with us, as we will need to find replacement bands or solo artistes for the venues.
  • It is your responsibility to tell us of any changes to your contact details or other information (i.e band info, pics, biogs, weblinks, new track links, websites, MP3 recordings etc). Please email your updated information to us, we can then update our site and listings accordingly. If you want to be removed from our site please request by email.
  • By sending your Website links and/or MP3 tracks (CD's or tracks in any other format), photographs, video footage or any other band information to Dancing Stick Productions either by email, post or by any other means, you are automatically authorising and giving DSP permission to use your information and tracks on our main Website & Facebook pages, Twitter and for any other online listings, press, radio, marketing and all media activities.
  • Please Note: We cannot be held responsible for any errors in information that occur in third party reproduction of any solo artiste or band information.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, bands or solo artistes  are responsible for bringing their own backline equipment, amplifiers, all connecting leads & power cables, musical instruments and drum kit/s to all gigs (Please Note: We are NOT going to hire or locate backline equipment for your gig/s (unless by prior arrangement with you well in advance of any booking you have with us and any hire costs for backline equipment will be passed onto the artistes).
  • Bands or solo artistes are responsible for their own equipment at all times.
  • If you do need to share equipment, it is your responsibility to contact the band/s or solo artiste/s playing with you at your gig (if applicable), or to obtain the equipment for your gigs some other way. (Please send me an email request and we will try to provide contact emails if we have them so you can communicate with each other about equipment sharing where feasible).
  • If you are sharing equipment, please respect the owner's instructions on it's use, also please respect the venue facilities, staff and equipment.
  • We expect bands or solo artistes to turn up at the correct time to load in, set up, sound check and perform. These times are always specified in the confirmation email you will have received prior to your gig. If you need a reminder please email, text or phone me to ask.
  • If you are running late please phone or text me on 07816270780
  • We expect bands or solo artistes to follow our instructions for onstage volume levels. Some venues are required by law to take DB meter readings in line with their music licensing so we have to work within those limitations from time to time.
  • We expect bands or solo artistes to do some self promotion for their gigs via their own fan base, mailing lists, Instagram, Tumblr, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter or artiste websites.
  • If you have a flyer design of your own great, otherwise we can email you a PDF poster of the gig you are playing at by email request. (Please give me plenty of notice for these, as we have a lot of gigs and bands scheduled at all times)
  • Please add the words DANCING STICK PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS to any promotional materials or listing information you use for all gigs we get for you.
  • We are actively helping to showcase and promote our featured artistes at every opportunity that arises. Please return the favour by mentioning your involvement with Dancing Stick Productions in any press interviews, radio, media features or other promotional activities you are involved in.
  • ALL RE-BOOKINGS at the venues on our current gig circuit must be made through Dancing Stick Productions.
  • DSP booking fees on paid gigs will either be deducted at the time gig payments are made or must be settled with DSP within 1 week of the performance date by direct arrangement with Bev.
If you need any clarification or have any comments or questions about our booking TERMS & CONDITIONS, please email me to discuss.
We look forward to booking many more gigs with you all.
Also... Please contact me:
  • If you know people who would like to review our featured live bands (by sending me an email review)
  • Have photographs of your gigs with us (email JPEG's through to me) 
  • Know of other bands that are looking for gigs (email MP3's, website links, pic & biogs)
  • Know of other good venues and/or entertainment industry contacts that may want to be part of our ever expanding gig circuit
  • We welcome feedback about our services. Please contact me by email or via the Contact us page to add a testimonial and/or comment about your experience of working with Dancing Stick Productions.
Bev... Dancing Stick Productions